4 Easy Ways to Donate to Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs is still currently in trial and is facing up to 20+ years in prison for charges filed against him for actions related to the events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Even though the trial is ongoing, Joe still needs financial help in many ways. In this post I’ll attempt to explain how he needs help, and how you can aid him.

  1. Joe needs to get himself a laptop that has the global discovery already loaded onto the hard drive. With this laptop, Joe can finally view the discovery, or evidence that the government is trying to use against him. For most of the last 2 years, Joe has not been able to view most of this information due to many factors including the jails using COVID protocols to prevent detainees from getting access to this information. The other 4 defendants in this case already have their laptops, and Joe is currently having to share Dominic Pezzola’s laptop.


Donate to Joe’s GiveSendGo account so his attorney’s can acquire this laptop. It’s a very simple process and you can remain anonymous. That page can be found at: GiveSendGo.com/SSGBDF

2. Mr. Biggs also needs to be able to hire an assistant to help him go thru the above mentioned discovery. This would be a person assigned just to him, and to sit with him while in court reviewing the information provided. This would allow Joe to point this out what he sees, and only he can remember about what was happening at certain times, and certain situations that the government is trying to use against him. This way when these situations are brought up in court by the prosecution, Joe would have the opportunity to have already passed his knowledge onto his attorney’s and it’s teed up and ready to go when it’s their turn either at cross examination, or their turn to present his defense.


Same as section 1. Donate to his GiveSendGo. This will allow enough money for the attorney’s to be able to hire someone to sit with Joe everyday while in court.

3. Phone/Internet/Communications

Joe currently has access to a tablet while in solitary confinement at the Alexandria Detention Center. Through this tablet, he can make phone calls, send and receive e-messages, receive photos, receive short 30 second videos, and watch movies etc. All of this, of course costs money, and it isn’t cheap. To send an e-message to Joe costs about $.50 each. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really adds up over time. This is Joe’s main source of communication to the outside world. Phone calls are about $.20 per minute. Again, this doesn’t sound like a lot, but a quick 10 minute phone call would end up costing $2.00. Just take a moment and think about this. What do you think your cell phone bill would like every month if you were charged $.50 per email, $.20 per minute on phone calls, and then add in a cost per text message like back in “the old days?”


Joe’s tablet uses a service called, Securus that’s loaded onto it. Through Securus is how he’s able to do these things, and communicate to others on the outside. Anyone can either download the Securus app either through the App Store or Google Play. It’s a free app. Or you can go to: Securustech.online Once there, you’d have to create an account as usual. Once the account is created, you can then start working the system. To send Joe an e-message, you’d first have to purchase “Stamps” You can spend as little as $2.50 for 5 stamps or up to $25 for 50 stamps. (Remember, each e-message is 1 stamp, or $.50 each) Then you have to search for Joseph Biggs and add him as a contact.

If you don’t want to send or receive e-messages from Joe, but just wish to fund him in doing so, or to use any other other services he has has access to, then you’d select:

SECURUS DEBIT. This would directly add funds to Joe’s account for him to use.

Steps, select Securus Debit. There are 4 search parameters:

First Name: Joseph

Last Name: Biggs

State: VA

Facility Name: Alexandria Detention Center

This should populate his contact with inmate ID number 279495

Select and proceed with the standard adding of your billing information. There is a fee for this…or course there’s always a fee. Done.

4. Commissary

One of the only ways that a lot of these guys are getting by, is by being able to purchase additional food items through the jails commissary program. Alexandria Detention Center uses a system called, Access Corrections. AccessCorrections.com Through here, you can fund his commissary account so that he can use that money to purchase these additional items. It’s not just limited to food, but toothpaste, shoes, clothing etc.

The process here is pretty straight forward once you get to the website.

Create an account.

Select Secure Deposit

Search for Joseph Biggs. Inmate number: 279495

Add funds. Once again, there is a fee for doing this.

In conclusion, even though Joe is already in trial, he is still badly in need of funds for all of these areas, and I have laid out the several different options as to how you can contribute.

Thank you for reading, and I pray and hope that you can help Joe.

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Former Infowars Reporter, Joe Biggs Needs Your Help as he’s facing the Tyrannical DOJ

February 28, 2023

Former Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs is still being detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia and is in the middle of his trial against Biden’s corrupt and tyrannical DOJ. It’s estimated that they are currently about halfway through as the prosecution said last week that they have about 3 more weeks of presentation, and the defense stated that they need about 3 more weeks after that.

Joe, along with 4 other Proud Boys, Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl, Enrique Tarrio and Dominic Pezzola are all facing multiple charges for their actions on and around the January 6 event at the US Capitol, including seditious conspiracy charges and face up to 20+ years in prison.

Joe Biggs is a former Infowars reporter and first started coming on with Alex Jones in 2013 after the mysterious death of his friend, and Rolling Stone reporter, Michael Hastings. He began his tenure as a reporter for Infowars shortly after that and continued that role thru the time shortly after Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. He then moved on to other things and became a high profile member of the Proud Boys in or around 2018.

The past Sunday, Joe joined a special 5:00 pm Sunday evening Twitter Space held by “The General” (@thegeneral249 on Twitter) and Helena Gibson (@Helenagibs) from the ADC. (Alexandria Detention Center) Other Speakers on call included; Suzanne Monk, myself, Jen Loh and Barbara Turpin (mother of Dominic Pezzola) If you’d like to learn more, this Twitter Space runs live every weekday at 3:00 pm eastern time. I encourage everyone to listen and learn what’s happening to all of our J6 defendants.

Joe was able to join us around 6 pm eastern time and first began commenting on the temperature of the jail, as it appears they haven’t even turned on the heat in the jail.

After he was asked how he was doing, he replied with, “Freezing my Rastafarian butt off in here.” In typical Joe Biggs fashion, he later stated, “Well that’s (unaudible) man. As a soldier, you just suck it up and move on.”

Here is that brief clip:

Freezing my Rastafarian butt off in here.

As the Space continues, Jos is asked what he needs. What his complaints and gripes are etc, and Joe starts off with everyone’s favorite topic; raising funds.

“Well the biggest thing that I gotta talk about today…I know that’s its everyone’s favorite topic, but its raising money. I gotta pay some stuff, ya know to Norm, and pay stuff to Dan, and we’re trying to find someone who can help us goin’ through stuff. To sit at the desk with us and help me go through discovery. Umm..it’s just..I don’t know what it is. For some reason, of all 5 guys, I’ve been able to raise the least and I can’t get anything going, and it’s hurting…and umm…I need to be able to pay these things to continue moving forward.”

Just to be clear, it has been reported that most of the funds that have been raised for Mr. Biggs in the last 2 years, have not found their way into the proper hands as some have found their way into the pockets of the so-called friends of Joe’s who were raising the funds.

Here is Joe talking about raising funds:

So I can get home to my daughter and be a free man.

Later in the space, Barbara, aka “Momma Spazz” asks Joe for more details on what he needs as far as someone to help in going thru discovery. It should be noted here that for the last 2 years, Joe hasn’t been able to see hardly any of the evidence that the government is trying to use against him. The DOJ and the jails have continued to use COVID lockdown rules and other evil means to make it as hard as they can for these guys to be able to review evidence. This next clips Joe goes on to explain how he needs to be able to get a laptop, and an assistant to aid him in going thru the evidence, and further explains how all of the other guys have these things. He’s currently having to share a laptop with Dominic Pezzola to find stuff.

He currently has to share a computer with Dom

The Twitter Space chat continues for another 15 minutes or so and you can find the entire video at:

The bottom line is this, Joe Biggs needs every single Infowarrior to stand up now. Now is your time to make a difference. For all of those people who’ve been looking for their way to make a difference, but didn’t know how to do it. This is your time. This is your opportunity to step up and help.

You can easily donate through Joe’s Give Send Go account. This account is being run via Michael Boyer, who is in direct communication with both Dan Hull, and Norm Pattis, the 2 attorneys who are representing Mr. Biggs.

The entire Twitter Space lasted for about 2 hours, as in the first 30 minutes, we were joined by Joe’s co-defendant, Ethan Nordean, otherwise known as “Rufio Panman.”

If anyone has and questions about this, or anything else related to Joe Biggs, or helping to fund Joe’s defense, or if you’d like to donate to his commissary etc, you can either post a comment below, or you can contact me thru my Twitter account. My DM’s are open @jeffhanson9 I realize that not everyone is comfortable donating thru GSG, so if you contact me, we can find another way, and I will make sure it goes where it needs to go to. I use CashApp or Paypal.

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Joe Biggs Still Needs Your Help

Based on what we heard from the sham January 6 Select Committee on Thursday night, it seems fairly obvious that they intend on making Staff Sargeant Joe Biggs as their main character of their story. I’ve said all along thru this process that this would be the case. Joe, along with the other Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are the cases the government are focusing on the most. These are the cases they want to win. They desire to show the rest of us peasants that’s we’re better off keeping quiet and bow down to their tyrannical ways.

The Proud Boys case is currently scheduled to go to trial on August 8th, but I see that as highly unlikely at this time. Lead prosecutor, Jason McCullough threw out the idea at this past Thursday’s hearing of the possibility of the J6 Select Committee releasing 1000’s of pages of new documents, in what would be the middle of this trial. He basically suggested, but claimed that he didn’t suggest it, that this trial date may need to be vacated, or pushed back to a later date. He claims that they are not currently in procession of these documents, and Judge Kelly ordered them to release the documents within 24 hours of their receipt of them.

With all of this information in mind, I still firmly believe that this case will not go to trial on August 8th of this year. In fact, the chances of this case sitting before a jury in 2022 are getting slimmer by the day. This means we will be approaching the 2 year mark for pre-trial detainment before they see day 1 in a courtroom before a jury.

Joe Biggs’ Veteran Affairs (VA) funds have been suspended as per rule since he has been incarcerated for an extended period of time. Joe, and his family had been relying on those incoming funds as bills are still due, and payments have to be kept up on. It is now more important than ever for Joe’s family to receive some assistance.

You can help Joe and his family by donating to his GiveSendGo page here:


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America has become full of Lazy and Fearful people

In this video I try and break down how, in my area I’ve started to see lots of places closing early, closed on days they should be open and an overall lack of staffing. Or being able to find staffing.

Are the same things happening in your area? Is it out of laziness? Out of fear of the non-virus? Or is it because people want to work at an “essential job?”

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As many of you know, Joe Biggs has been locked up in the Seminole County Correctional Facility in Sanford, FL since April 22nd. He has been charged with several crimes related to the events in and around the US Capitol building on January 6th. He has been denied bail and will be held until he goes to trial, which probably won’t be until sometime in summer of 2022, unless something changes before then.

In order to assist Joe with his legal fees, I have started selling t-shirts, stickers and etc thru Redbubble to help raise funds for legal defense.

All profits from whatever I sell will go to Joe’s defense fund. I will not take any of the money for myself.

You can go to this site here and choose from several different designs including a Make Joe Biggs Free Again version, or a #FreeJoeBiggs version

Please help if you can.


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Magnatized Meat and People. Searching for answers and asking questions.

After first hearing about magnets sticking to chicken breast last Tuesday, and then later realizing that magnets and metal objects were sticking to people, I have spent numerous hours trying to find out why this is happening.

I don’t really have any definite answers yet, but I’m getting closer. In the following video I explore those theories and talk about which metals repel magnatizism and how those could effect us.

I also look into the theory of magnetofection, which is a process using magnetic nanoparticles in vaccines and other items. And how once they’re in your body, they can be manipulated and moved to where you want them go via a magnet.

I’ll also think this video of Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby talking about this magnetofection.

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Magnets and Metal Sticking to Beef, Poultry and Even Humans. What’s Happening Here?

In recent weeks and months there have been several videos circulating on the internet of magnets sticking to people’s shoulders where they have received the COVID-19 Vaccination. I hesitate even using the word, vaccination because that’s not really what it is, but I’ll leave that for a different discussion. I’m sure most everyone has either seen one of these videos, or heard about them.

There is now new evidence of both magnets and metal objects sticking to beef, chicken, turkey and even human beings.

I first heard about this last week when a friend of mine sent me a video of her testing this, and she was able to get a magnet to stick to some chicken breast tenderloin. I had previously never heard about this and I was blown away by what I had seen. This intrigued me enough to begin researching the subject and soon discovered several other videos thru Twitter and other sites of other people doing the exact same thing.

Here is a quick video compilation of what I was initially able to find:

Since then, I have been trying magnets on everything when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I get the magnet to stick, sometimes it doesn’t. This past Friday I decided to check some Kroger brand Simple Truth Turkey Breast that I had in my own refrigerator. Sure enough, I was able to get the magnet to stick to it. Here’s that video:

Thru posting of these videos, I began to receive other information from people that not only are magnets sticking to meat etc, but also to people. And not just at the injection site of their “Jab”

I do want to make this next point very clear. Neither I, nor my wife have gotten the jab, and we never will. I was sitting out in my garage yesterday morning and she walked out to show me that a magnet was sticking to her chest. What the heck?

Ok. Now this is really getting interesting so I had to investigate further and this is the additional video:

Going further, I decided to try it on myself. I couldn’t get a magnet to stick to me, but I was able to get a metal key to stick to my forehead. It wouldn’t stick anyplace else, just my forehead. Why would a piece of metal stick to my head?

I don’t understand this. I have some ideas, but no real clear answers. Has this always been a thing with magnets and metal sticking to people, or is this all new? I’ll get to more of that later.

My wife decided to try it on herself and sure enough, it worked on her too. She also explains her theory in this next video:

It appears they have used a process called, Magnetofection which uses magnetic nanoparticles for efficient gene delivery.

Graphical abstract

Magnetofection promotes every gene delivery precess. And magnetic nanoparticles provide associated synergistic effects for therapeutic treatment.

In this link, Dr. Jane Ruby discusses this process:

I’m still not quite sure what to make of all this yet, but one thing seems clear to me…there are people…call them whatever term you want, Globalists, transhumanists, eugenicists etc…but they want you and me, dead. The useless eaters. There’s a reason that the Georgia Guidestones calls for keeping the global population under 500,000,000.

Let me know what you think. Things are about to get really real.

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Joe Biggs Update

Joe Biggs, formerly of Infowars has been held in the Seminole County Jail in Florida since April 22, 2021 for actions related to the Jan 6 event at the US Capitol building.

He was initially approved for bail and was awaiting his trial, but a judge reversed that decision in early April and ordered that he be held. Joe has appealed that decision and it now sits before a panel of judges. That decision should be known on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (June 1st or June 2nd)

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Breaking! Hillary and Nancy Announce Offical Plans To Contest Election and Fracture Nation

It’s official: Dems willing to collapse country entirely – beyond the rioting and lockdowns – to take out Trump.

This is a dangerous move by Democrats that will collapse America unless people stand up and resist:

Breaking! Hillary and Nancy Announce Official Plans To Contest Election and Fracture Nation

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YouTube Terminated My Channel Over Vaccine Videos

YouTube terminated my channel this past Thursday, March 7 2019 for what it seems is posting “Anti-Vaccine” videos.

First, a little background about my channel.  I created my channel sometime in 2015 and honestly, I wasn’t very active, nor popular.  I began by posting videos of some events I had attended held by Michelle Ford in front of the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  These events were intended to influence congress to hear testimony from whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  In all honesty, I never really got too many views or activity on these videos.

I also had some other videos of attending a Planned Parenthood protest, and 1 video of myself trying to investigate the Medinah Village in Commerce, Georgia.  Most of my content was from when I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 2016.

Since August or September of 2016, I rarely, if ever posted any videos on my channel, until around Valentine’s day of 2019.  Owen Shroyer from Infowars.com encouraged me to start to use my channel as a platform to get the Infowars content on YouTube.  YouTube had previously terminated  Alex Jones and Infowars from their channels in August of 2018.

At the time that I started downloading and uploading that content to YouTube, I had 68 subscribers on my channel.  Not very many.  I began doing this, like I said, right around Valentines Day of 2019.  Each day I would upload the entire Alex Jones show, perhaps a couple of shorter clips.  For the first few days, I started to see both the amount of views, and my number of subscribers grow.  The video I posted on February 17 received around 11,000 views (the last I was able to check before it was gone) and I was up to around 616 subscribers (again the last time I saw).  The next day, within 30 minutes of me posted the days show, I was hit with 2 Content ID claims, 1 From CBS, and the other from Comedy Central (The Daily Show).  My video for that day was blocked from being viewed after about 400 views.  Owen Shroyer was the host of the show that day and had  played clips of various things as everyone tends to do when reporting the news.  One clip in particular was from The Daily Show.  I appealed the decision to block that video, but my appeal was denied.

This similar process continued for the next couple of weeks as just about every video I posted would get hit with a Content ID claim, but I wouldn’t get blocked.  By the way, I was not attempting to monetize these videos.  The one thing I began noticing was that I wasn’t even close to getting as many views as I was for the first week.  I was going from 7K, 8K, 11K etc. down to barely 4-500 views and my subscriber base was not increasing like it was.  I was gaining around 100 new subscribers per day the first week, to maybe 2 or 3 a day for the next 2 weeks.

Now to the reason that I think I was terminated.  I posted a video in October of 2015 that was around 90 minutes long  The video was of several speakers at a CDC Truth event held at Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Included in that video were clips of Michell Ford, Tony Muhammed, Dr. Toni Bark, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and others.  The basis of the event was to shed light on the truths and misinformation regarding vaccines, and vaccine damages.

Moving on.  I had heard that several of the top social media networks were speaking of and rolling out banning any anti-vaccine information on their platforms.  So…I decided to test this out.  I took 2 shorter clips of that 90 minute video, which had been on my channel for 3 plus year mind you, and reposted them on my channel.  The first clip I posted was a 20 minute speech from Robert F Kennedy Jr.  In that clip, he clearly states that he is “Pro Vaccine.” I believe I posted that video on Sunday March 3.  The second video I posted was a 10 or 12 minute clip of Dr. Toni Bark speaking of which I posted on Monday, March 4.

On Thursday I received 3 emails from Google/YouTube all 1 minute apart, 2:13 pm, 2:14 pm and 2:15 pm.  The first email  was informing me that my Google account had been disabled.  The second email was this: IMG_0780.jpg

So they removed the same video that I had previously discussed regarding the Content ID claims and was already blocked from viewing.

1 minute later, I received this email:IMG_0781.PNG

Of course they’ve never told me how my “activity violated our Terms of Service.”

Of course I appealed their decision, and got this very detailed (sarcasm) reply:IMG_0782.jpg

Even though the original removal of the Alex Jones video was removed, I firmly believe that once the complaint on that video was addressed, they looked at the rest of my channel and I was removed because of the 2 previous videos I talked about.

Previous to my termination,  I had no strikes, no warnings, no suspensions and no “time outs.”

Social media censorship is real.

Of course, I already had a backup YouTube channel ready to go.  I currently have a whopping 3 subscribers.  You can follow me at Liberty Warrior 9 on YouTube.  I thank you in advance for the sub.

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