Magnatized Meat and People. Searching for answers and asking questions.

After first hearing about magnets sticking to chicken breast last Tuesday, and then later realizing that magnets and metal objects were sticking to people, I have spent numerous hours trying to find out why this is happening.

I don’t really have any definite answers yet, but I’m getting closer. In the following video I explore those theories and talk about which metals repel magnatizism and how those could effect us.

I also look into the theory of magnetofection, which is a process using magnetic nanoparticles in vaccines and other items. And how once they’re in your body, they can be manipulated and moved to where you want them go via a magnet.

I’ll also think this video of Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby talking about this magnetofection.

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Magnets and Metal Sticking to Beef, Poultry and Even Humans. What’s Happening Here?

In recent weeks and months there have been several videos circulating on the internet of magnets sticking to people’s shoulders where they have received the COVID-19 Vaccination. I hesitate even using the word, vaccination because that’s not really what it is, but I’ll leave that for a different discussion. I’m sure most everyone has either seen one of these videos, or heard about them.

There is now new evidence of both magnets and metal objects sticking to beef, chicken, turkey and even human beings.

I first heard about this last week when a friend of mine sent me a video of her testing this, and she was able to get a magnet to stick to some chicken breast tenderloin. I had previously never heard about this and I was blown away by what I had seen. This intrigued me enough to begin researching the subject and soon discovered several other videos thru Twitter and other sites of other people doing the exact same thing.

Here is a quick video compilation of what I was initially able to find:

Since then, I have been trying magnets on everything when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I get the magnet to stick, sometimes it doesn’t. This past Friday I decided to check some Kroger brand Simple Truth Turkey Breast that I had in my own refrigerator. Sure enough, I was able to get the magnet to stick to it. Here’s that video:

Thru posting of these videos, I began to receive other information from people that not only are magnets sticking to meat etc, but also to people. And not just at the injection site of their “Jab”

I do want to make this next point very clear. Neither I, nor my wife have gotten the jab, and we never will. I was sitting out in my garage yesterday morning and she walked out to show me that a magnet was sticking to her chest. What the heck?

Ok. Now this is really getting interesting so I had to investigate further and this is the additional video:

Going further, I decided to try it on myself. I couldn’t get a magnet to stick to me, but I was able to get a metal key to stick to my forehead. It wouldn’t stick anyplace else, just my forehead. Why would a piece of metal stick to my head?

I don’t understand this. I have some ideas, but no real clear answers. Has this always been a thing with magnets and metal sticking to people, or is this all new? I’ll get to more of that later.

My wife decided to try it on herself and sure enough, it worked on her too. She also explains her theory in this next video:

It appears they have used a process called, Magnetofection which uses magnetic nanoparticles for efficient gene delivery.

Graphical abstract

Magnetofection promotes every gene delivery precess. And magnetic nanoparticles provide associated synergistic effects for therapeutic treatment.

In this link, Dr. Jane Ruby discusses this process:

I’m still not quite sure what to make of all this yet, but one thing seems clear to me…there are people…call them whatever term you want, Globalists, transhumanists, eugenicists etc…but they want you and me, dead. The useless eaters. There’s a reason that the Georgia Guidestones calls for keeping the global population under 500,000,000.

Let me know what you think. Things are about to get really real.

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Joe Biggs Update

Joe Biggs, formerly of Infowars has been held in the Seminole County Jail in Florida since April 22, 2021 for actions related to the Jan 6 event at the US Capitol building.

He was initially approved for bail and was awaiting his trial, but a judge reversed that decision in early April and ordered that he be held. Joe has appealed that decision and it now sits before a panel of judges. That decision should be known on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (June 1st or June 2nd)

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Breaking! Hillary and Nancy Announce Offical Plans To Contest Election and Fracture Nation

It’s official: Dems willing to collapse country entirely – beyond the rioting and lockdowns – to take out Trump.

This is a dangerous move by Democrats that will collapse America unless people stand up and resist:

Breaking! Hillary and Nancy Announce Official Plans To Contest Election and Fracture Nation

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YouTube Terminated My Channel Over Vaccine Videos

YouTube terminated my channel this past Thursday, March 7 2019 for what it seems is posting “Anti-Vaccine” videos.

First, a little background about my channel.  I created my channel sometime in 2015 and honestly, I wasn’t very active, nor popular.  I began by posting videos of some events I had attended held by Michelle Ford in front of the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  These events were intended to influence congress to hear testimony from whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  In all honesty, I never really got too many views or activity on these videos.

I also had some other videos of attending a Planned Parenthood protest, and 1 video of myself trying to investigate the Medinah Village in Commerce, Georgia.  Most of my content was from when I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 2016.

Since August or September of 2016, I rarely, if ever posted any videos on my channel, until around Valentine’s day of 2019.  Owen Shroyer from encouraged me to start to use my channel as a platform to get the Infowars content on YouTube.  YouTube had previously terminated  Alex Jones and Infowars from their channels in August of 2018.

At the time that I started downloading and uploading that content to YouTube, I had 68 subscribers on my channel.  Not very many.  I began doing this, like I said, right around Valentines Day of 2019.  Each day I would upload the entire Alex Jones show, perhaps a couple of shorter clips.  For the first few days, I started to see both the amount of views, and my number of subscribers grow.  The video I posted on February 17 received around 11,000 views (the last I was able to check before it was gone) and I was up to around 616 subscribers (again the last time I saw).  The next day, within 30 minutes of me posted the days show, I was hit with 2 Content ID claims, 1 From CBS, and the other from Comedy Central (The Daily Show).  My video for that day was blocked from being viewed after about 400 views.  Owen Shroyer was the host of the show that day and had  played clips of various things as everyone tends to do when reporting the news.  One clip in particular was from The Daily Show.  I appealed the decision to block that video, but my appeal was denied.

This similar process continued for the next couple of weeks as just about every video I posted would get hit with a Content ID claim, but I wouldn’t get blocked.  By the way, I was not attempting to monetize these videos.  The one thing I began noticing was that I wasn’t even close to getting as many views as I was for the first week.  I was going from 7K, 8K, 11K etc. down to barely 4-500 views and my subscriber base was not increasing like it was.  I was gaining around 100 new subscribers per day the first week, to maybe 2 or 3 a day for the next 2 weeks.

Now to the reason that I think I was terminated.  I posted a video in October of 2015 that was around 90 minutes long  The video was of several speakers at a CDC Truth event held at Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Included in that video were clips of Michell Ford, Tony Muhammed, Dr. Toni Bark, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and others.  The basis of the event was to shed light on the truths and misinformation regarding vaccines, and vaccine damages.

Moving on.  I had heard that several of the top social media networks were speaking of and rolling out banning any anti-vaccine information on their platforms.  So…I decided to test this out.  I took 2 shorter clips of that 90 minute video, which had been on my channel for 3 plus year mind you, and reposted them on my channel.  The first clip I posted was a 20 minute speech from Robert F Kennedy Jr.  In that clip, he clearly states that he is “Pro Vaccine.” I believe I posted that video on Sunday March 3.  The second video I posted was a 10 or 12 minute clip of Dr. Toni Bark speaking of which I posted on Monday, March 4.

On Thursday I received 3 emails from Google/YouTube all 1 minute apart, 2:13 pm, 2:14 pm and 2:15 pm.  The first email  was informing me that my Google account had been disabled.  The second email was this: IMG_0780.jpg

So they removed the same video that I had previously discussed regarding the Content ID claims and was already blocked from viewing.

1 minute later, I received this email:IMG_0781.PNG

Of course they’ve never told me how my “activity violated our Terms of Service.”

Of course I appealed their decision, and got this very detailed (sarcasm) reply:IMG_0782.jpg

Even though the original removal of the Alex Jones video was removed, I firmly believe that once the complaint on that video was addressed, they looked at the rest of my channel and I was removed because of the 2 previous videos I talked about.

Previous to my termination,  I had no strikes, no warnings, no suspensions and no “time outs.”

Social media censorship is real.

Of course, I already had a backup YouTube channel ready to go.  I currently have a whopping 3 subscribers.  You can follow me at Liberty Warrior 9 on YouTube.  I thank you in advance for the sub.

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Israeli scientist’s who claim they have the cure for Cancer will be vilified in due time – Mike Adams

(Natural News) The moment that Israeli scientists announced they had discovered a universal cancer cure that worked with a single injection and required no toxic chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, I said to myself, “The cancer industry is going to destroy this team of scientists.”
In exactly the same way that the scientists who announced the discovery of cold fusion in 1989 were vilified and slandered out of existence, the cancer establishment will destroy, discredit and defame any scientist who dares go public with the truth about reversing or curing cancer. (Read for daily news updates on cancer therapies that work.)
In fact, the attacks on the Israeli scientists have already begun. (See my video, below, for a full report.)
“Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” lead researcher Dan Aridor told the Jerusalem Post. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”
Almost immediately, the cancer establishment — run by wealthy, treacherous liars and villains who profit by denying humanity access to cancer prevention and cancer reversal treatments — began a massive negative P.R. campaign to smear the Israeli scientists. This campaign will continue to escalate until these scientists are declared fraudsters and quacks, denied all funding and completely vilified on Wikipedia, Scientific American and everywhere else. This is how the cancer establishment operates.
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The cancer industry works overtime to vilify and destroy the careers of all scientists who discover cancer cures
Have no doubts that these medical researchers will be vilified, de-funded, publicly smeared, defamed and ultimately labeled a fraud. This is how the cancer industry — and the vaccine industry — always operates: Keep the disease going, and smear anyone who attempts to help humanity.
Why do you think Natural News is smeared by the cancer establishment? For all the same reasons: We help people reverse cancer, avoid cancer and stay healthy without resorting to toxic chemotherapy interventions that actually cause cancer.
Make no mistake: The last thing the cancer industry would ever want is a CURE for cancer. It would cost them billions in annual profits and put millions of people out of work worldwide.
In fact, the cancer industry does everything in its power to make sure cancer continues to get worse. Nearly every cancer “treatment” offered by the medical establishment, for example, is widely known to cause more cancer. (Chemotherapy and radiation.)
The cancer industry is a parasite on humanity, and it actively works against anyone who tries to educate the public about cancer prevention or help save lives with cancer reversal strategies that don’t make patients sick.

Watch my full report in this week’s hard-hitting Counterthink episode
Each week, I post a new Counterthink video that dares to tell the truth about a crucial issue that’s impacting our lives right now. This week’s episode covers the Israeli cancer cure and why the for-profit cancer industry is working double time to try to discredit and destroy the work of the Israeli scientists who made their announcement.
Watch it now, exclusively at, the online destination for free speech videos:


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Health Ranger YT Page Shut Down

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Amazon Removing Reviews from Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton’s latest book, “What Happened” which is a personal account to the 2016 election cycle was released yesterday, and Amazon had been aggressively removing negative reviews. 

At 1:14 eastern time today, I happened to check out the reviews on and noticed that it currently had 1857 reviews and had 3 stars. 29% of the reviews were 1 star.  

Just 1 hour later, I checked it again, and the total reviews were down to only 707, and now had a 4 star rating. That’s a removal of 1150 reviews. 

By 4:45, total reviews were at 433, and had gone up to a 5 star rating.  The 1 star ratings were down to only 1% of the ratings. 

Amazon is claiming that they are only posting reviews from Verified Purchasers, which in my knowledge, they have never done before for any item. 

Make up your own mind as to what is happening and why it’s happening. 

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5 Things You May Not Know About Aspartame

From a post in 2014, but it’s always good to remind ourselves how bad Aspartame is.
(NaturalNews) The controversy surrounding one of the world’s most popular artificial sweeteners, aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), continues some 30 years after the chemical was rammed through the regulatory process by pharmaceutical interests, despite its well-documented dangers. And yet to this very day, many people are still unaware of the chemical sweetener’s sordid history, not to mention what aspartame is actually made from and how it affects the body and brain.
To many, aspartame is just another FDA-approved sugar alternative that has to be safe, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the market. But the truth about aspartame is much more sinister, including how the chemical sweetener gained market approval And there’s so much more to the aspartame story that you’ve probably never heard before, thanks to government collusion with powerful drug interests.
1) Aspartame is converted by the body into formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical.

Composed of three unique compounds, aspartame is a synergistically toxic chemical, meaning the sum of its individual parts is exponentially more toxic than each one by itself. And yet even in isolation, the three main constituents found in aspartame — aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol — are idiosyncratically toxic in their own right.
Free methanol in particular is highly toxic, converting first into formaldehyde and then into formic acid upon consumption. Unlike the methanol found in alcoholic beverages and various fruits and vegetables, the methanol produced by aspartame is not accompanied by ethanol, which acts as a protector against methanol poisoning. By itself, methanol embalms living tissues and damages DNA, and can cause lymphoma, leukemia, and other forms of cancer.
2) Aspartame causes obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Artificial sweeteners are typically viewed as a safe alternative to sugar, which many people now recognize as a cause of weight gain and metabolic disorders like diabetes when consumed in excess. But a number of scientific studies have found that chemicals like aspartame are perhaps even more damaging, as they promote weight gain in ways unrelated to caloric intake.
A study published in the journal Appetite back in 2013 found that compared to sucrose, a form of sugar, aspartame is actually worse in terms of promoting weight gain. Similar research published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM) found that aspartame alters the body’s natural production of hormones, increasing both appetite and sugar cravings.
3) Reagan-appointed FDA commissioner helped get aspartame approved despite evidence showing its toxicity.

Believe it or not, aspartame was an accidental discovery made by scientists working on the development of an ulcer drug for G.D. Searle and Company, a pharmaceutical corporation that was later acquired by Monsanto in 1985. When researchers discovered that the chemical had a sweet taste, G.D. Searle presented it to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for commercial approval.
But the earliest safety studies conducted on the chemical found that it caused grand mal seizures and death in monkeys, findings that were withheld from the FDA. When FDA scientists discovered on their own that aspartame was unsafe, G.D. Searle made a strategic move, waiting for a new FDA commissioner appointed by the late Ronald Reagan to force the chemical through the approval process.
The details of this political transaction are spelled out in the following document posted at the FDA’s own website, but suffice it to say that aspartame was never proven to be safe. It was only through corruption that this artificial sweetener ended up making its way into more than 9,000 consumer products, many of which still contain it today:
4) Aspartame is made from the feces of genetically-modified (GM) E. coli bacteria.

Another disturbing fact about aspartame is that it is produced from the feces of genetically-modified E. coli bacteria. Similar to the fermentation process, E. coli are modified with special genes that cause them to produce unnaturally high levels of a special enzyme that, as a byproduct, produces the phenylalanine needed for aspartame production.
5) Aspartame crosses the blood-brain barrier, potentially causing permanent brain damage.

Aspartame is composed of roughly 40 percent aspartic acid, a free-form amino acid that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. When excess amounts of this compound via aspartame enter the body, brain cells are bombarded with an excess of calcium. The result is neural cell damage and even cell death, which can lead to serious brain damage.
In extreme cases, exposure to aspartic acid, also known as aspartate, can cause neurological conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, and is also implicated in causing diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) and dementia. Endocrine disorders, or imbalanced or inadequate hormone production, are also linked to so-called “excitotoxin” exposure, or exposure to free-form amino acids like aspartate that overstimulate the brain.
Sources for this article include:

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Google De-Listing Conservative News sites Including

Copied from as their links are being sent down Google’s search results. (Not that mine will be higher, but….had to share)

HUGE GOOGLE LEAK: SEARCH GIANT LAUNCHES PLANS TO DE-LIST CONSERVATIVE SITESInfowars and others to be de-listed from Google search index – APRIL 17, 2017

Huge Google Leak: Search Giant Launches Plans To De-list Conservative Sites. 

Google has hired contractors to remove from its search engines.

All contractors have been instructed to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.

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