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Black Friday Deals I recommend

Here’s some deals I’ve seen over the last couple of days that I recommend. You won’t see any TV’s, game systems, toys, or the like here. If that’s what your looking for, stop reading. Ok, now that you’re still here, … Continue reading

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Ferguson Friday Sale

Everything must go! And will… Special 100% off deals on stuff you don’t need. Why wait in line at the big box stores? No waiting in line required. Just smash and dash. This Friday only. Don’t miss it. Rioting and … Continue reading

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Extreme Destruction in Ferguson

After so many people were saying how they didn’t want violence. Didn’t want destruction. Wanted peace. Wanted civil disobedience. Well as it turns out, as predicted, all hell as broken loose. Cars vandalized. Cars on fire. Buildings on fire. Tear … Continue reading

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NBC News announces name of Darren Wilson’s wife….idiots

NBC news was able to locate the marriage certificate of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and posted it online. He got married back in October, 2 months after the shooting. I will not name her name her becaus in my … Continue reading

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Geoengineering today in Georgia

Just sitting outside on my lunch break and I look up, and behold….chemtrails up above. If you don’t know what chemtrails, or geoengineering is, I’ll briefly fill you in, and I’ll write a more detailed report later. In its most … Continue reading

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KKK, Anonymous and Hightened Security at St. Louis WWE Event

There is a PPV WWE event tonight in St. Louis, Missouri and all indications are that there is a Hightened security level after the KKK has made threats for violence and the KKK’s Twitter page was hacked last week by … Continue reading

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I just got done watching some live feeds from Ferguson for about 30 minutes. It’s still pretty calm now, but this is going to get out of control quickly. These people are wanting interaction with the police. They seem to … Continue reading

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This is the beginning…

I’ve been wanting to start my own page for some time now, but I never really took the time to do it. ┬áSo now I finally have. I’ve been sharing stories and links on Facebook and Twitter for some time … Continue reading

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