I just got done watching some live feeds from Ferguson for about 30 minutes. It’s still pretty calm now, but this is going to get out of control quickly. These people are wanting interaction with the police. They seem to want to start a war. Some of them are doing what they can to keep everyone calm, but there are those instigators that seem to want to get things fired up. I heard one girl say in the background, “All these people out here and nothing is happening. This is boring, let’s go home.”

My guess is that a lot of the people are out there just because that’s the place to be. The cool thing to do.

It’s only going to get worse, however there is a chance, even though a slight, that things won’t get out of control. It seems that there is plenty of “security” people out there to handle it and they have been building up that force for some time now. I even saw a story that they are bringing in an extra 100 FBI people to the area. The story didn’t mention in what capacity these agents would be operating, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were undercover. If I were there, I’d warn people to be careful what you say and who you say it to. You never know who that person you’re talking to is.

I don’t know when this announcement from the grand jury is coming, but from all the evidence, my guess is Sunday or Monday. They have already closed schools for Monday and Tuesday e( they were already scheduled off from Wednesday on), so that may definitely influence their decision on the timing of the announcement. They have reported that the hospital has cleared 3 floors in anticipation of trauma case etc. one floor for police officers, one for protestors and surprisingly enough, one floor for the families of the officers. Are they expecting after effect actions on the families of the officers, or is that just room for them to stay while their loved ones are being cared for? Interesting question.

The next few days should be interesting to say the least. With the new heightened news coverage on Ferguson, perhaps it will give us a chance to “forget” about the crimes being committed at the White House…..oh look, a distraction!

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