KKK, Anonymous and Hightened Security at St. Louis WWE Event

There is a PPV WWE event tonight in St. Louis, Missouri and all indications are that there is a Hightened security level after the KKK has made threats for violence and the KKK’s Twitter page was hacked last week by Anonymous.

Even though no specific details of the threats were given, a wrestling promoter was encouraging their black wrestlers not to attend the event in St. Louis.  This here from Wrestleview.com:

Wrestleview’s Josh Boutwell passed along this article by WCNC.com about a pro wrestling promoter in North Carolina telling black wrestlers to stay away from an upcoming event due to safety concerns following a text message threat from a local KKK group called “The White Knights.” David Ridenhour, a local pastor who plays the role of a manager at the wrestling events, spoke more in detail about the matter.

“I was told they contacted police and they said, ‘You’d better pay attention. Those boys mean business.”

When contacted, Denton Police Chief Mark Hicks said they received no word of a threat.

“We haven’t received a complaint. If we knew anything about the event we would have had an officer there. I have never heard of that group.”

Robert Sobel also has an article up on The Examiner about the situation.

I just thought this was an interesting take on the current situation.

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