Extreme Destruction in Ferguson

After so many people were saying how they didn’t want violence. Didn’t want destruction. Wanted peace. Wanted civil disobedience. Well as it turns out, as predicted, all hell as broken loose.

Cars vandalized. Cars on fire. Buildings on fire. Tear gas used. Rubber bullets shot. McDonalds ransacked. Windows broken.

Watching live stream on prisonplanet.tv with Joe Biggs (@rambobiggs on Twitter). Live ustream feeds, realalexjones and alexjoneslive. The MSM news coverage is awful. It’s more about them than the real story. And Joe Biggs is right up front, in the shit, reporting what’s really going on.

Looks like it’s going to be a late night.

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1 Response to Extreme Destruction in Ferguson

  1. madcat says:

    It’s a ‘cultural thing’. this is what some of the black people say. What a dis-service to Martin Luther King…. no doubt he’d be rolling in his gravy if he were a turkey (sorry.a little Thanksgiving humor there) These are the type of actions that CREATE RACISM.it’s all about how any given individual or group of individuals behaves. We continue to become more divided as a human race. It is the one thing we all have in common yet it is not the fact that has the power to unite us, sadly. these issues are not white and black,yellow ,blue,green purple red etc issues. these are issues of the human condition. the lack of morals and values and simple respect for your fellow man. It’s spreading like a disease. I believe it has gotten worse since President Obama and his administration took office, they fule the narrative, along with the bought and paid for media. Most people do not have the time to fact check what they hear over any of the mainstream media news spewing misinformation or conveniently leaving out important facts, it doesn’t matter what the ‘story is’, there job is to shape the publics views to serve the ‘agenda’ set forth by this current administration. Most people are busy trying to live their lives day to day, so the media is a big part of the problem. i challenge anyone to watch these mainstream media outlets and then ask yourself immediatly afterwards just what it is you actually ‘learned’. Chances are you didn’t learn much. You are brainwashed with someone else’s ‘opinion’ of what little tidbit of info they may have actually provided. They are creating a generation of people who cannot think for themeselves….it’s easier to be told what you should think. Welcome to 1984.


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