NBC News announces name of Darren Wilson’s wife….idiots

NBC news was able to locate the marriage certificate of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and posted it online. He got married back in October, 2 months after the shooting. I will not name her name her becaus in my opinion that totally outrageous for them to do. Are they trying to get her killed too?

This is another example of a major news outlet not using their brain before posting such sensitive information. There will be hell to pay at NBC if anything were to happen to his wife. Absolutely mind blowing….

I say again to NBC News….idiots

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2 Responses to NBC News announces name of Darren Wilson’s wife….idiots

  1. madcat says:

    I concur. However, no matter ‘how’ the verdict comes down, this guy will most likely be entered into the ‘witness protection program’. He will have to ‘disapperar’ for the sake of his life and his families lives, they’re all in this together now. What you must understand is that it is the media,and their stupidity, fueling this into a major inferno. It’s a ‘no win’ situation ,in general. I’m personally fed up with the ‘race card’. In fact, it’s getting to the point where ‘we’ all, as native American born citizens, will be the ones able to make claims of being discriminated against……cuz we are….seems all nationalities other than ‘us’ are getting a free pass of some kind, their beliefs,feelings,viwepoints etc, all seem to matter more than those of us who are ‘natural born citizens’….and I’m not even going to go into the whole ‘anchor babay’ subject..unless you touch on it at some point. Why should it shock any of us that they will never give up this ‘ACE’ in their hand, the ‘RACE’ card…… sad fact is, without it, they’d be held just as ‘accountable’ as the rest of us, and well, they certainly would not want for that to be the case.


    • I agree. He will never be safe as long as he lives there. He won’t be able to remain in the police force in Ferguson or anywhere else. He will have to change his name and move elsewhere. Problem is, in the society we livr in today, hiding out under a new name is getting harder and harder. With all the cameras on the streets these days, whether it civilian or a traffic/sidewalk/store camera. He will be found and thats sad. His life is bacically ruined and its all due to the race war. Thank you Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And by the way, where are these guys when a white guy is beaten by a black mob? Thats right, no where near it. Wont touch it because it doesnt fit into their race card agenda.


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