Black Friday Deals I recommend

Here’s some deals I’ve seen over the last couple of days that I recommend. You won’t see any TV’s, game systems, toys, or the like here. If that’s what your looking for, stop reading.

Ok, now that you’re still here, these products and deals I suggest are for long term food storage, health supplements, firearms, and overall preparedness.

First of all, here’s a deal from which is my first choice for long term food storage. They are offering 30% off of everything they offer and free shipping on orders over $250. I personally ordered the 1 month food supply which normally runs for $200, and I got it for $140. This tote offers 158 servings of 25 year storable meals. That comes out to $1.19 per meal. It includes (I won’t list the whole list here) 32 servings for breakfast, 36 servings of soup, 32 entree servings, 16 servings of rice, 32 servings of drinks, and 10 dessert servings.

If you don’t have any food stored up, and you want to start, this is a great option to start with. If you want to spend a little less, and want to just try the foods out before buying something you may it like, try the 1 week kit which is normally $60 marked down to $42.

My second suggestion is from They have several good deals going, but I suggest the Propur Prepper Series: Nomad. It normally retails for $269.00, but today it’s marked down to $122.00, that’s a $147.00 savings! This systems is the best water filtration system on the market. It comes with 2 7″ ProOne G2.0 water & fluoride filter elements. These filters should last about 12 months, so this is 2 years of clean, filtered water. No more fluoride in your water…and that’s a good thing. These filters help reduce or remove contaminants, pesticides including Glyphosate, herbicides, chloramines, Monochloramines, hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium hexa fluorosilicate and more.

If you want to spend a little less, than I recommended the ProPur Prepper Series: Traveler. Retails for $205, but now marked down to $84.50…a savings of $120.50. This offers one 5″ filter which should last for 6 months. Again, I suggest the larger filter for only about $40 more with filters that last for 2 years as opposed to 6 months. The filters themselves cost more than $50, so it makes sense to go big…

Also from the page I recommend the Silver Bullet colloidal silver solution. This normally retails for $29.95 (and is hardly in stock) but marked down to $19.95 (a $10 savings). If you don’t know what colloidal silver is, and what it can do for you, I’ll explain briefly here: it can be used to fight off infection (externally or internally) and studies have shown that colloidal silver can help treat and fight off Ebola.

All of the above deals are active as of thanksgiving day

My last suggestion, which I almost don’t want to suggest because it may decrease my chances of getting is from They have a 9mm pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun at crazy prices. The pistol is a CANIK S-120 CZ-75 Clone 9MM 17+1 Chrome for just $99. (Normally $339). The shotgun is a Emperor Guardian Tactical 12ga 18.5″ 5+1 Pump for just $49. (Normally $189). Both of these deals start at 8 am eastern on Black Friday. I suggest you go to the website well beforehand and register a user name to eliminate having to do that and potentially lose out because these quantities are limited.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or other suggestions. I wish you luck if you attempt to gun deals….

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  1. madcat says:

    Well maybe you should tell people that Chicken Little was right…the SKY IS FALLING!. …


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