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HMO Hitmen: The Dehumanization of Human Services

Very good information here. Pay close attention to the “why” we went into Afghanistan. It’s all true. FYI, you find any free drugs in my medicine cabinet.

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AirAsia CEO dumps stock before plane goes missing

Very interesting story here and it may not at all be related, but one does have to question whether or not CEO Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge this would happen. He dumped 850,000 shares on December 22, and another 94,800 … Continue reading

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NYE plan to kill cops….idiots

This is never going to end. Idiots like this one won’t let it.

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Another Ebola Leak at the CDC?

So it appears there’s been another leak of the Ebola virus at the CDC here in Atlanta. Don’t worry, it’s all under control…yeah right… Now it seems that this person and come in contact with at least 12 other people….who … Continue reading

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Latest shooting in Berkeley, MO.

First of all, I have to say on this story, that I hate the fact that most of the stories I’ve seen so far, start out saying that a white officer killed a black teenager. Why start with race? Oh … Continue reading

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Obama following the plan step by step to create a Social State

If anyone has been wondering what’s happening to our country ever since Mr. Obama took office, well he’s obviously been following the step by step instructions on how to create a Social State. They are simple steps, and I’ll go … Continue reading

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Another win for NON-GMO Food in Florida

The city of Hollywood, Florida is implementing NON-GMO foods in all of their 45 city vending machines. This is another step in people waking up to the toxic foods that most people eat everyday without blinking an eye. If … Continue reading

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Vaccines to be made from Human Cancer Tumors

What doesn’t sound right about this? Let’s make a vaccine from cancer cells? Does this mean they’re tired of lying about putting cancer cells in vaccines so they just come out an admit it? So basically what this says is … Continue reading

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More Police Officers Killed

The continued revenge killings of police officers is getting out of control. What is wrong with these people? By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of the murder of 2 NYPD officers over the weekend. This is sickening, but what’s … Continue reading

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Treasury buying Survival Kits for banks

This is posted for madcat who asked me about this yesterday. Thanks madcat.

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