Flu vaccine deaths rise to 13 in Italy

The Italian Medical Agency (AIFA) is warning against a panic after 13 people have died in Italy within 48 hours after receiving the flu vaccine. The vaccine is produced by the Swiss company, Novartis.

They have begun banning this particular vaccine, but still claim getting a flu vaccine is not dangerous. Uh huh…

It’s a widely known fact that flu vaccines contain up to 25,000 times the Mercury concentration than found in drinking water by the EPA according to Mike Adams from naturalnews.com.

I have warned people for years NOT to get any flu vaccine and this supports my belief. There’s plenty of documented scientific studies out there regarding Mercury, aluminum and cancer cells in flu vaccines. Do not get the flu shot….EVER.

I encourage you to check out naturalnews.com for detailed reports related to toxic elements found in flu vaccines.

I’m sure this number of 13 deaths will increase over the coming days, weeks and months as we approach the height of flu season. The medical community and the government will continue to tell us that there is no danger in getting the flu shot and will still encourage everyone to get one. It’s hard to go almost anywhere these days without seeing signs to get the flu shot here.

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