CDC says current flu vaccine may not work….what a shock

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  1. madcat says:

    What do you mean ‘it may not work?’ It will work, not for it’s adverstised benefit but it will ‘work’.it will promote cancer growth within your body, it will work to increase the mlevel of Mercury in your system……. which by the way is poisonous , for those who are unaware,. No one would run out to get the proclaimed vaccine if big pharma was honest about what is actually in the vaccine. When was the last time anyone ever questioned the ‘ingredients’ in a vaccine? Heck, they don;t even question what they are eating. How come no one ‘wonders’ what’s actually ‘in’ all that processed food they eat. If it can last on a store shelf for 2 years, one would think it would make more people go ‘hmmmmmmmmmm…..HOW is that possible?’ And don’t even get me started on ‘aspartame’ and all the yesllow dyes found in our food. When will more people realize you can no longer trust the FDA Approved standard? How about that ‘Fortified with Fluoride’ label. Wow. Drink up,eat up people..fluoride is RAT POISON and is NOT for human consuption! There’s a REASON your toothpaste label reads ‘call a poison control center immediatkly if swallowed. ‘Fortified’ …. that word is so deceptive. makes it sound like it’s something your body should be taking in,right. Well people, Fluoride is POISON when ingested. Well,,if you have a death wish of some will certainly aid in your endeavor to off yourself. Slow kill. It’s all ‘slow kill’. Population reduction….. and hardly anyone is even aware of the plan. Too many people are still in a coma, not even bothering to ask questions… ‘critical thinking’. Well, allowing the governement and it’s entities to ‘think’ for you shall be the demise of the human race.


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