Ebola coming back to Atlanta

This is not good news.

Link to an article from Reuters:


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1 Response to Ebola coming back to Atlanta

  1. madcat says:

    I believe Emory University has treated 4 patients,in total, not two. And that line about not giving out details about the patient and when they returned to the US or by what method is a crock. Media has a ‘gag order’… I’m surprised they even reported on this at all. Although it isn;t so shocking when you consider the ‘announcement’ that several facilities are now available to treat Ebola cases. So that is no ‘coinky-dink’

    This will all play and mesh nicely with the new information being released abou the flu vaccine being ‘ineffective’ due to the fact that the virus has ‘mutated’…..yet they are making the big push for everyone to go out and get the flu vaccine anyways because although it will not prevent you from getting the flu virus, they claim it will lessen the severity of it. Again, this is all such a crock. The only people getting the flu shot are people who are still misguided in ‘trusting’ the governement and big pharma. Anyone who researches what these vaccines contain would stay as far away from getting them as possible. Funny how so many people will just ‘trust’ what these big money making entities will tell them, that’s all these enitites care about, their ‘bottom line’. It isn;t about ‘saving’ people from anything. Flu shot. All the ads I hear for all the places you can get it, all the signs I see.. it makes me ill. How about a sign reading ‘Cancer cell and mercury injection available ‘here’…..just ask your pharmacist. And I haven;t heard any big news stories in the Us about how the flu shot is killing people in Italy. People really need to wake up. Well unless their plan is actually to ‘die’ prematurely. Suicidal? Just go get your vaccines…. it’s ‘slow kill’ but it’ll do the trick…..eventually.


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