Congress “Declares War” on Russia?

Interesting article from Ron Paul here.

I will be the first to admit, I don’t know all that’s going on in Ukraine, but from the limited evidence I’ve seen, I believe Ukrainre shot down the plane, and not Russia…not the “rebels” in eastern Ukraine. To me this is a set up to produce a war with Russia. And that’s a no win situation for anyone.

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5 Responses to Congress “Declares War” on Russia?

  1. Wayne says:

    Okay …. what limited data released showed Russian Surface-to-Air batteries firing on the airliner.

    The propaganda showed Ukrainian fighters (actually, they did not use real Ukrainian aircraft, only photoshop).

    I believe the truth, even if Ron Paul doesn’t.



    • What i hve seen…again, i havent seen that much was they had satellite photos of the batteries, but not them actually firing. I also saw a satellite image of a, what was claimed to be a Ukrainian fighter jet firing a missle towards the airplane.

      My thing is this….if there was actual proven proof..and i mean real proof, not propaganda proof against Russia…then for sure it would be all over the news. If they had real proof, they would for sure have shown us by now.

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      • Wayne says:

        The Ukrainian ‘plane’ was photo-shopped.

        Russian snipers pulled out of Syria and Iraq (From a Ranger friend) in December of last year. Remember, ‘we’ were not there then. Snipers killed Ukrainian protestors and police. Yanukovych ran. Russia invaded Crimea (Ukraine).

        Then Russian soldiers ‘volunteered’ to to re-locate from Crimea to eastern Ukraine ….

        No one disputes those facts, or timeline.

        Living there, no one believes the Russian propaganda unless they are Russian. And many Russians I know do not believe the propaganda.



      • Thats interesting information. Its amazing what you find out when its not from the MSM. One thing I know is, whatever the MSM comes out and says first is a) usually wrong, or b) its a way to start the propaganda to make their falseities true. (Is that real word? I dont know but it works)

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      • Wayne says:

        What scares me is how easily I learn news as I travel … but MSM can’t do anything but read from the DC script.

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