Obama Gets CT Scan for Sore Throat | The Weekly Standard

Obama Gets CT Scan for Sore Throat | The Weekly Standard.


Did the Affordable Health  Care act pay for that CT scan.   Was it medically relevant?  Perhaps we should have sent the authorization up the chain to get that CT scan approved.  We need to watch our budget here.  Was the Death Panel consulted?

I speak in in jest of course….we need to keep him alive….ever hear of Joe Biden?

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2 Responses to Obama Gets CT Scan for Sore Throat | The Weekly Standard

  1. madcat says:


    Check out this link and learn ‘why’ over usage of CT scans is ridicuous. I understand it is the President….however, how stupid he must feel after being diagnosed with ,well, basically ‘heartburn’….take a freakin’ Nexium …ya know.the little purple pill that big pharma pushes on the rest of us…..i mean it’s perfectly safe…..well so long as you avoid listening to the potential side effects. Most people who go inot a doctors office with a sore throat simply get a throat culture taken, typically resulting in the ever so kind physician scribbling you out a prescription for some stupid antibiotic under the pure assumption you have strep thrioat. I mean no matter what it is you are ‘suffering from’ these days..they have a pill for it. And people ‘wonder’ ‘why’ we are getting sicker. Because,sheeple, your body doesn;t have to do it for itself anymore, you have weakened your own ammune system, now all your body wants to do is kick back and wait for that little magic pill your doctor gives you do all of the work. So all these virues we have ‘morph’.it’s like a game of Mortal Combat or call of Duty…. ‘take THAT!’.’no…you take THAT!’..so you take a pill and the virus laughs…… like Putin does to US with all of our ‘threats’……. you take a pill.the virus laughs and gets stronger…….STOP TAKING THE DANG PILLS PEOPLE..AND STOP GETTING CT SCANS THAT ARE PROVEN TO INCREASE YOUR RISK OF GETTING CANCER DOWN THE ROAD….. unless they have exhausteda ll other methods of figuring out what the problem is…. I mean when you go to the dentist for those tooth xrays once ayear.or whenever you need them to do one, what do they cover you with? A freaking 100 pound lead vest. And all they are doing is taking a 2 second shot at your face….. yet there you lay…under that lead vest. So ‘how is that abig deal’ but none of these other radiation imaging uses are?! Doesnt anyone else ever ask themselves these questions? For heaven’s sake, what does it take to wake people up?

    On a side note. You gotta be relieved the President is ok.
    Cuz ‘President Joe Biden’……..well that would be worse than the nightmare we’re already having…… . .


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