Intentional Chlorine gas attack in Chicago. ISIS?

As I read this story, all I could think about was all the threats we have heard from the last few months about ISIS attacking Chicago. Now a chlorine gas attack was not one of the threats mentioned, as far as I have seen, but to me I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an ISIS planned event.

This will be something to watch in the next few days and see what develops. Is this the false flag attack that’s been predicted? Meaning, something done, not by ISIS, but somehow gets “proven” that is was ISIS.

We shall see…

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1 Response to Intentional Chlorine gas attack in Chicago. ISIS?

  1. madcat says:

    Sorry, but everytime I hear or read the word ‘ISIS’ ,all I think about is the old Saturday morning TV show… and recall the chic transforming into ISIS saying ‘Oh Mighty Isis…..’ A ‘false flag’ would not surprise me in this situation. Anyone curious enough to delve inot the subject of all the ADMITTED false flags our government has been responsible for in the past wouldn’t be so quick to call people like ‘us’ WINGNUTS!


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