Alex Jones is a racist? Nice try Salon

Interesting take from the wrong side. The excerpts they have here from Alex Jones, Austin Miles and Alan Keyes are correct. We are in a race war, and they keep pushing it. Pushing us into it. What Alex says about to get us all fighting, and then take the guns and declare martial law is right on point.

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  1. madcat says:

    Well there is no doubt that racial tensions have spiraled ever since Obama was elected into office. How it can be ignored that it was mainly those of ‘white’ skin color that put the man there. Contraray to the media outlets flasely reporting that he had 90% of the ‘black vote’. I agree this story is right on point, if one actually has the ability to extract the truths from the lies. Alex Jones leading the charge? Hardly. Does the media not realize that ‘negative’ press will only draw attention to this man they refer to as a ‘wingnut’? His audience will only increase. He isn’t ‘nationally’ syndicated YET…but he’s getting there. Yes, we must discredit all of those who relay the truth, it goes against the ‘agenda’. What amazes me is that people don’t stop to ‘think’ about the fact that other countries around the world fail to recognize and seperate us into racial groups. They couldn’t care any less about our skin ‘color’. They hate us simply because we are AMERICANS ! We all bleed ‘red’ people. United we stand. Divided we fall. A real shame that so many people will stand back and allow the divide to occur. One has to ask , as a human being, what is the real goal of racial divide? At the moment the ‘black’ skinned people are being ‘used’ as tools and they don’t even realize it….well a majorioty of them don’t. It really simply comes down to choosing what type of a person you’re going to be. This is what happens in a society where values and morals are being tossed to the wayside as if they mean nothing. The goal is Luciferianism. If you don’t know what it is,I encourage you to look it up.


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