Police officers killed…where’s Obama, Holder and Sharpton

This caught my eye, and felt it was important to share…

From May 11, 2014 through July 6, 2014 there were 6 incidences of police officers being killed in the line of duty by gunshot. Of the 6, 5 were white officers killed by black men, and the other was a black officer killed by a white man.

I will be honest, I was not aware of these killings either. Why? Well I guess it’s because it wasn’t widely reported in the national news. There was no mainstream media coverage, no Department of Justice investigations, no statements by President Obama, no statements by Al Sharpton, and more importantly….no protests, no riots, no looting, no National Guard called in, no outrage from the New Black Panther Party. I think you get my point here, but make your own conclusion here…

Let’s run through the 6 incidences briefly, and you can click on the links to find out more.

May 11, Detective Charles Dinwiddle of the Killen Texas Police Department (white male) was shot in the face during a pre-dawn, no-knock raid on a suspected drug house. The suspect, Marvin Lewis Guy, is a 50 year old black male. Of course, as a citizen, there’s no way to determine during the early morning hours, or whatever time of day, if it appears that someone is breaking into your home, I’d probably open fire too. So it’s easy to blame Mr. Guy for the murder, but the point is, I don’t recall hearing about this story. By the way, after an extensive search, no drugs were found. Other officers were also wounded in the early morning raid.


May 31, Kevin Johnson of Griffin Georgia was gunned down while off duty, but performing security at a local Waffle House. Mr. Johnson (black male) was attempting to remove three disruptive customers (all white) when one of them pulled a weapon and shot Mr. Johnson three times. Even though he was wearing a vest, he died of his injuries.


June 23, 2014. Vermillion Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares (white male)was gunned down by two men (both black males), Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor. Mr. Allen was cutting grass as he observed a car chars hung into a ditch. He approached the car and announced himself as a sheriff’s deputy, and the two men fired upon him, and proceeded to steal his truck and take off.


July 5, 2014. Officer Perry Renn, Indianapolis, IN (white male), was killed by Major Davis (black male).


July 6, 2014. Jeffrey Westerfield (white male) Gary, Indiana was killed by Carl LeEllis Blount, Jr. (Black male).


And lastly, July 13, 2014. Detective Melvin Santiago (white male) was killed by Lawrence Campbell (black male) in Jersey City, NJ.


My point here is this, where is the outrage of these incidences? I feel police officers have as much of a right to defend themselves with deadly force as civilians do. Perhaps even more such. It’s often an overused cliche, but they do put their lives in danger everyday. Not all police officers are bad, and they are all getting a bad rap lately, which is partially justified, but that just isn’t always the case. We need these people out on out streets. Just imagine if they weren’t out there? Chaos would happen.

It all comes down to people actually using the materials in between their ears. Don’t immediately jump on the bandwagon of whatever the mainstream media (of which several of them are ‘sponsored’ by governments funds) tells us to think. Use your own brain. Do your own research. Don’t just read the first website that pops up on google, read several of them and get different views. Find out the facts and attempt to dismiss the propaganda.

I’d love to hear your thought on this….

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2 Responses to Police officers killed…where’s Obama, Holder and Sharpton

  1. One note, there are several more deaths of officers from July thru today’s date. I don’t mean to diminish any of the others, I simply chose a short period of time shortly before the Ferguson incident to highlight. I recommend going to odmp.org for a complete list (as complete as the information they currently have) of all officers deaths. I guarantee your mind will be blown…


  2. Harold Hanson says:

    Officer Patrick was gunned down point blank on the street (Dodd Rd & Smith Ave.) in upscale Mendota Heights, MN by a wanted fugitive with an outstanding arrest warrant. Uncertain as to the race of the suspect.


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