Minnesota schools go against GMO’S

I love seeing stuff like this. This movement needs to grow.


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1 Response to Minnesota schools go against GMO’S

  1. madcat says:

    WAY TO GO ! This is incredibly AWESOME! I’d love to know who the people are who led this charge behind this fight in MN. People need to get behind them in the fight. More must be done to alert and educate people about the pisonous food they are being offered on grocery store shelves. So much of this began with the ‘processed food’ …the ‘convenience’ of food preparation not taking away from our lives. In a society of ‘instant gratification’. Everyone wants there food ready in 2 minutes from cupboard to mouth. People don;t even have the sense to ‘question’ what a GMO is. GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM. ORGANISM. Dones anyone remember their science classes? And this whole conversion to plastic packaging. Are people stupid? I personally search out FOOD products packaged in GLASS! Well it is not much differnt that margarine. Never intended for human consumption. It was meant to be fed to turkeys. It killed them. So instead of scrapping the goo they created…add a little yellow dye (also bad) and a littel flavoring and feed it to the people. It is one atom away from being PLASTIC! EAT ONLY BUTTER PEOPLE! Does anyone know that the creamy dressings sold on our store shelves contain the same ingredients to create that creaminess as SKIN LOTION!?! No one seems to take the time to even ask questions about the food they are eating. WHY? Well i can tell you ‘WHY’. Because there was a time one could TRUST that the FDA wouldn;t allow anything to be sold that would have negative effects on the human body. They aren;t supposed to ‘allow’ such things to be ‘approved’. . Follow the money people. That’s all you need to do. Who benefited on a high monetary level from these things being FDA ‘approved’. The FDA has sold out, Same with USDA. To those of us who have awakened to what is going on, we have learned these FDA and USDA ‘approved’ labels don’t mean squat. They should actually be viewed as ‘deceptive selling practices’. GMO’s should be banned as they have been banned in other countries. Who’s behind the GMO’s? MONSANTO. Who has the most to lose from people learning these GMO’s are going to kill them prematurely and are responsible for so many health issues? MONSANTO. These people are criminals. Oh, and isn;t it funny how Obama appointed one these nut jobs to his cabinet? Abnd isn’t it funny that they have somehow made MONSANTO ‘untouchable’ legally? Wake the heck up people!


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