Treasury buying Survival Kits for banks

This is posted for madcat who asked me about this yesterday.

Thanks madcat.

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2 Responses to Treasury buying Survival Kits for banks

  1. madcat says:

    I asked you what was up with it yesterday thinking you would already know about it… but am glad I spurred you to investigate the matter further. You just gotta wonder ‘what the heck?’,right? Ebola is coming? Oh, sorry, I forgot no one is supposed to talk about it.. can we just refer to it as ‘Fight Club’ now? Or can we still not talk about Fight Club,either? LMAO


  2. madcat says:

    Let us not forget, and anyone reading this information for the first time can Google this: Russia is planning for the SCHEDULED COLLAPSE of the US Dollar in 2017.. SCHEDULED COLLAPSE. SCHEDULED. Meaning this is actually being planned. Like scheduling a dental appointment… or scheduling service for your car. What the heck?! Maybe the time line has been moved forward? Maybe there was a ‘cancelation’ of some other destructive agenda to have a major impact on the US and so this ‘appointment’ was moved up….? Still this seems to be more in preparation of a ‘weather related’ incident or as others have speculated a bio- virus outbreak of sorts. Still this leaves one to ponder the items being distributed. Are bank employees going to be trapped at the bank branches they work at? What kind of ‘winter’ catastophe are they planning?. And why is this being so specifically aimed at the financial system? We need to do more research on the subject.


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