More Police Officers Killed

The continued revenge killings of police officers is getting out of control. What is wrong with these people?

By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of the murder of 2 NYPD officers over the weekend. This is sickening, but what’s more sickening is the reaction of self proclaimed Michael Brown and Eric Garner supporters. From the chants at protests, “What do we want? Dead cops.” To people on Twitter and elsewhere praising the shooter, Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

And then to hear about how the shooter told people beforehand to watch. And then people laughed and cheered afterwards is horrible.

What’s more disturbing even yet, is people trying to make this about race, when to me, it’s clearly an attack on the police in general. I don’t think the shooter went out of his way to find white cops, as these two officers clearly were not white. And even though the shooter is black, it doesn’t seem like it’s about race.

I’ve said before, not all cops are bad, actually most of them are good. In any area, you will always get your bad apples. To kill a police officer because of the few bad ones just isn’t fair. It’s going to get to a point that no one will want to join the police force anymore. And then what do we get? Chaos. If every cop fears for his life every day, in every situation of course they might get a little jumpy. Add that to the shoot first mentality they are being trained these days, the logical solution that more and more people will get killed by police officers. And it just continues to spiral out of control.

I will say, I am against the militarization of the police force. In lieu of the military not being allowed to police our streets, they next best thing is to make the police no different than the army etc. and that’s what is happening. The MRAP’s that many police departments have, the sound weapons, tear gas, bullet proof vests, helmets, clubs, high powered weapons etc etc etc.

Just last week in Spokane, Washington a woman was talking to a sheriff’s deputy outside of a WalMart where they had one of their MRAP’s. She asked him, I understand why this would be useful in Iraq of Afghanistan, but why do we need them here? His reply, “I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition.”

Watch the video here:

We also have a rally that was going on this past weekend in Spokane against the police state and against Initiative-594 at the courthouse. This initiative essentially states that: for example, me and a friend go to the gun range together…something that happens quite often in this country…and I have my gun and he has his gun…if I wanted to shoot his gun, or he wanted to shoot my gun, that would be against the law. How crazy is that? Of course the bill also tries to initiate more background checks on every gun sale in the state of Washington, including at gun shows, on the Internet, and person to person sales. It’s within my right, to sell my gun to anyone I want to…and shall not be infringed.

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1 Response to More Police Officers Killed

  1. madcat says:

    So i pose this question: Are not those of all races that are calling for, and inciting, violence and thereatneing actions of this nature should be classified as ‘a danger to society’? And therefore, I pose a further question. Is it true that it is stated within our laws that these people,because they pose such threat and are in term ‘a danger to society’,,are they no, indeed, considered either a)flat out criminals with complete concious awareness of what they are doing thus they are to be removed from society and put in a caged cell or B) mebntally ill /insane etc and belong in some other form of an institution…ya know, the kind where they hand out those cute little blue booties and the residents wear those little white ‘give yourself a hug’ jackets. oh, and on top of the cute clothes you get all those great medications that oput you in a catatonic mental state ? In my opinion, anyone calling for this type of behavior should be detained and brought up on chrages.


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