Another win for NON-GMO Food in Florida

The city of Hollywood, Florida is implementing NON-GMO foods in all of their 45 city vending machines.

This is another step in people waking up to the toxic foods that most people eat everyday without blinking an eye. If people really took the time to investigate what’s in the food they eat, they will never eat it again. It really isn’t all that hard to just read the ingredient list on what they eat. There are about 10 main things to look for starting with, and I will go into detail in a later post, but here they are:

MSG (maltrodextrin, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, citric acid, glutamate, soy protein isolates and also many other disguised names)



Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Benzoate

Propyl Gallate

Benzoic Acid

Potassium Bromate


Enriched flour

Blue 1 and 2, Red 3, Yellow 6

Azodicarbonamide (mostly in bread….bad stuff)

Palm Oil

Agave Nectar

That’s a good list to start with. Save them in your phone, and check this list to what you’re buying. It won’t take long for you to start to avoid these things. Stay out of the center aisles…this is the worst part of the grocery store. Buy from the outside aisles as a general rule.

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2 Responses to Another win for NON-GMO Food in Florida

    • madcat says:

      Stories such as this give me some ‘hope’ for future generations amd their over all health and wellness. I, too,had purchased and consumed these poisonous foods that they sell on the grocery store shelves under the assumption that these foods and the weird unpronouncable ingredients were ‘safe’ for human ingestation. The ingredient ‘aspartame’ is what got me started and it just spiraled from there. And for the love of God people, don;t eat or drink ANYTHING ‘fortified’ with fluoride…. FLUORIDE is the main ingredient in RAT POISON and it is also what is used as a ‘chemical weapon’… if you know anything about the claims made against the leader of Syria, this is the chemical weapon they accuse him of using..and yet millions of people in the US DRINK IT on a daily basis without even giving it a thought. There’s a reason you can;t ingest toothpaste…. FLUORIDE. And what are you supposed to do if ingested? Call POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATLY! Oh, but if it’s just in the water it’s ok???????? Wake up people.

      Does it cost more to eat better food products? Yes and no. REAL healthy food fills you up for a longer period of time. You’ll FEEL BETTER and have more energy because your body is actually being fed the nutrients it needs. The body has no idea what to do with GMO’s. GMO’s cause all sorts of health issues with the human body, research the subject yourself. It isn;t cheap to have to go to the doctor and pay for whatever ailment the GMO’s have caused in your body.Most doctors won’t tell you it is because of the GMO’s ….but some ARE beginning to. Whay is Non-GMO food more expensive. Simpe basic economics people. Supply vs. demand. For one Non-GMO farmers are being intimidated and driven out by MONSANTO, look it’s a fact. The ones managing to stay in business have high costs and are having a harder and harder time getting loans to even grow the healthy food. The more the demand increase for these non-GMO foods the lower the price of the healthy food will be.

      Does anyone out there remeber being a kid and making those trips to the grocery store and your mother refusing to buy those Fruit Loops you so deperately wanted her to get ( or any of the favored pre-sweetened cereals you loved as a kid) because ‘they cost too much’ were stuck with Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes and plain Cheerios, Grape Nuts…. because the cereal that was ‘good for you’ was the cheap stuff You’d have to have been born in the 60’s and maybe into the early 70’s to have had this experience. At some point that pedulum swung completely the otherway. How is it now? All those cereals you wanted as a kid that are horrible for you that you now feed to your kids are the CHEAP cereals. The ones that are good for you are expensive. And when you have a tight budget, what happens in that scenario?

      It’s slow kill people. A plan to ‘ quietly’ depopulate the planet. Stop eating that crap. You can no longer trust the FDA approved label. It doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Don;t trust the USDA label. It doesn’t mean a just allows them to charge more for it. Take the time to look this stuff up for yourselves people. Your life and the lives of your children depend on it.


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