Vaccines to be made from Human Cancer Tumors

What doesn’t sound right about this? Let’s make a vaccine from cancer cells? Does this mean they’re tired of lying about putting cancer cells in vaccines so they just come out an admit it?

So basically what this says is that even though the patient could get cancer from the vaccine…the bottom line is that it’s cheaper and faster. Awesome.

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2 Responses to Vaccines to be made from Human Cancer Tumors

  1. madcat says:

    and ‘the people’ continue to walk around blind to what any of these ‘govermental agncies’ are doing. What does it take to wake people up and realize they are using us all as nothing more than ‘LAB RATS’ !!!!!!!!

    Placing any trust or weight in anything considered to be ‘FDA APPROVED’ is completely misguided.

    What people are failign to understand is that this is a nice quiet way of achieving the ‘depopulation agenda’.

    Go ahead people. Type in to a search emgine Bill Gates Depopulation just those 3 words…. READ people! then pray to God for HIS protection and the strength to endure all that is to come!


  2. laurathefarrar says:

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    Things to think about…


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