Another Ebola Leak at the CDC?

So it appears there’s been another leak of the Ebola virus at the CDC here in Atlanta. Don’t worry, it’s all under control…yeah right…

Now it seems that this person and come in contact with at least 12 other people….who came in contact with how many people?

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2 Responses to Another Ebola Leak at the CDC?

  1. madcat says:

    We will have to watch this. 1 person comes into contact with 12 others and those 12 others come into contact with how many others and how many places did they go to? Holiday season shoppping thrown into that mix. Ebola lives on surfaces for 4 DAYS! All I can say is PRAY! Oh yes. I have nohting but faith and trust in these enitites who claim we have nohting to worry about, it’s all under control….(yeah RIGHT!?!) Yes, I suppose their insane plan to depopulate the world is going exactly as they have planned and anticipated…. so I guess if you are a part of organizing such, you have nothing to worry about. The rest of us though? Be afraid, be very afraid.


  2. madcat says:

    Oh, but make sure you go out and get that ineffective flu shot…. you wouldn;t want to miss out on your cancer cell injection.


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