Latest shooting in Berkeley, MO.

First of all, I have to say on this story, that I hate the fact that most of the stories I’ve seen so far, start out saying that a white officer killed a black teenager. Why start with race? Oh yeah…to continue the race war…to continue the war of blacks vs the police….to continue the war against the police.

With that being said, at this point, and not all of the facts have been revealed yet, I stand behind the officer. In the two videos that have been released, it seems pretty obvious that Antonio Martin does appear to draw his weapon and point it at the officer. And I give credit to the officer to be able to draw his weapon and fire upon Mr. Martin before being fired upon himself. As a citizen, if you draw a weapon on a police officer, you should be expected to be fired upon. I was speaking with a police officer the other day, and he hit it right on the head. “Everyone knows police officers carry guns, if you show force, you should be expected to get shot.” It’s a simple concept really.

I would love to hear what the two people who were pushing the stroller through the gas station have to say about this. I mean, they were right there. We’re the spoken to by these two teenagers? We’re they being harassed? Did they know the two men? It appears to me as if the two men who starting walking from the front of the store towards them were up to no good. Just based on the fact that they didn’t walk together, but one walked around behind the car and to the left and rear of the two others walking. And the other one, walked in front of the car and down the sidewalk of the store. Just seems weird to me as to why they separated themselves but yet walk in the same direction.

I will link the two videos below if you haven’t already seen them. You have to watch closely right at the end and it seems pretty clear that the one fellow does appear to draw what could be a gun and point it at the officer.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. madcat says:

    Die Hard blogger… it’s Christmas!…or it was…. I pose the question: What is the end game? What is the ‘goal’ here? So you have a thug mentality against the law enforcement officials. Are these thugs to make up tshirts which say ‘HEY! I’m BLACK! your rules don’t apply to me’ Is this a statement that we are just supposed to let these people with the thug mentality do whatever they want because their ancestors were vicitms to that evil ‘salvery’. Well ‘wake up people’.we’rea ll slaves now. Not the whips and chains type of slaves.but we are all slaves now in the economic a governement that takes what it wants from the people. We seem to serve no other purpose than to make sure the politicians can keep their cozy lifestyle. .


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