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Minnesota schools go against GMO’S

I love seeing stuff like this. This movement needs to grow.

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Police officers killed…where’s Obama, Holder and Sharpton

This caught my eye, and felt it was important to share… From May 11, 2014 through July 6, 2014 there were 6 incidences of police officers being killed in the line of duty by gunshot. Of the 6, 5 were … Continue reading

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Geoengineering causes Polar Vortex and drought in California.

People keep wondering why we have a drought in California, and how come we keep getting all these “Polar Votex’s” in the central United States. Well, I’m about to fill you in, some with my words, and I will link … Continue reading

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UN Arms Trade Agreement set to roll out Dec. 24….

For us gun owners, most of us are well aware of this world wide agreement that’s set to go effect on Christmas Eve this year. For those non gun owners, (if you’re not, I encourage you to get yours now) … Continue reading

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Alex Jones is a racist? Nice try Salon

Interesting take from the wrong side. The excerpts they have here from Alex Jones, Austin Miles and Alan Keyes are correct. We are in a race war, and they keep pushing it. Pushing us into it. What Alex says about … Continue reading

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Intentional Chlorine gas attack in Chicago. ISIS? As I read this story, all I could think about was all the threats we have heard from the last few months about ISIS attacking Chicago. Now a chlorine gas attack was not one of the threats mentioned, as … Continue reading

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Is anyone using An alternative for Facebook? I’d to get feedback from anyone who is using it. Thanks

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Obama Gets CT Scan for Sore Throat | The Weekly Standard

Obama Gets CT Scan for Sore Throat | The Weekly Standard.   Did the Affordable Health  Care act pay for that CT scan.   Was it medically relevant?  Perhaps we should have sent the authorization up the chain to get … Continue reading

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Congress “Declares War” on Russia?

Interesting article from Ron Paul here. I will be the first to admit, I don’t know all that’s going on in Ukraine, but from the limited evidence I’ve seen, I believe Ukrainre shot down the plane, and not Russia…not the … Continue reading

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Constant Lies of President Obama

I did not write these, I got these from someone, but it gave me a good chuckle…and it’s a pretty good list. Too bad it’s all sad but true…. 1. I will have the most transparent administration. 2. I have … Continue reading

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