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$50,000 per person for Obamacare

What a great deal! Originally when Obama proposed his healthcare reform, he said it would cost $900 billion for about 30 million Americans ($30,000 per person) The CBO came out today and said its going to cost us $1.993 trillion … Continue reading

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World Leaders DID NOT Lead the March in Paris

As you can clearly see in this photo, it was a staged event. Not even part of the real march. What a joke.

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Geo-Engineering Protest at The Weather Channel HQ on Monday January 26, 2015

I wish I could make is one, but unfortunately I cannot make it. A group is organizing a protest the The Weather Channel headquarters from 11:00 am to 5 pm on Monday. TWC is instrumental in creating the weather propaganda … Continue reading

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Local Atlanta news station talking about the “Contrails” in the sky

This is from January 10, 2015 on WSB -TV in Atlanta, Georgia. Notice how the weather person remarks about all of the contrails in the sky this day, and her explanation for them. Does she really believe this, or this … Continue reading

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62 year old black grandfather choked and held down by three white men who see his legal firearm

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You can’t make this stuff up. With the recent killings of journalists of a newspaper over in Paris, France by Islamic Muslim Terrorists our President came up with a new word to be used for this group: Nihilisms (pronounced: ni-e-liz-m). … Continue reading

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New Mexico DA Files murder charges against 2 officers in the death of James Boyd

In a follow up to a previous article, the New Mexico DA has now bypassed the grand jury process which has been used both in the Michael Brown death and the Eric Garner death, and has filed murder charges against … Continue reading

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USDA refuses to test foods for Glyphosate and other pesticides.

Great article from here regarding pesticides contamination in our foods, and how the USDA is refusing to test for glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup), because it’s “too expensive” He also points out big business is trying to get the EPA (worthless … Continue reading

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DMSO and Vitamin C….a cancer cure…

This is a follow up story to my posting regarding chemotherapy which talks about a lot of the things I said, plus more. In the case from the girl in Connecticut, a judge rules today that she must get the … Continue reading

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3 year old girl dies days after getting the flu shot

I’ve been saying this for years…DON’T GET THE FLU SHOT!!!! This story covers not just this one girl, but touches on several others stories of young children who “mysteriously” die just days after getting the flu shot. You can read … Continue reading

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