Child killed at Sandy Hook gets killed again in Pakistan.

Noah Pozner, who was reported killed in the massacre at the Sandy Hook school on Connecticut back in December of 2012, has mysteriously showed up in pictures of children killed at the school shooting in Pakistan recently.
Follow the story below that shows several examples of his image being shown in several images.

One has to ask how this could happen? One could blame simple Google image search not coming up with the correct photo bases on someone’s name. I’m sure that’s happened to all of us at some point. Search someone’s name and some entirely unrelated pictures will appear in search results….but someone had to have verified before putting this photo on banners and memorial posters and signs.

I realize people are dumb sometimes, but something this important….get it right. I’m a firm believer that Sandy Hook is a total lie and the answers we are looking for will never be found. I do believe that people were killed there, but maybe not the people they claim were killed. There just too much information out there to contradict many of the facts they have tried to present to us and it all adds up to conspiracy.

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