It’s illegal to not poison your child in Connecticut

It now appears it against the law to not poison your child with chemotherapy in Connecticut.

This is a story of a 17 year old girl who after being diagnosed with cancer, decided she didn’t wish to receive chemotherapy. In order to avoid the “treatment” the girl ran off, was eventually tracked down and was forced to get the chemotherapy.

Imagine if you ran a business that brought in….lets say….$100 billion per year…would want the truth exposed about your business which could potentially shut you down? Of course not…you would do whatever you could to keep it going. This is why big pharma, and their lobbyist dollars are so important to keep the lie going. No one in congress will do anything about it because the money is just too good.

There is no real demand to cure cancer….only research on new treatment options. Why just research to treat it? Why not research to cure it? Well of course there’s no money in a cure. These people who collect all this money might have to actually watch their bank account each month and budget their money like the rest of us. Keep the lie going as long as you can.

Check out on YouTube….”The truth about cancer”. They have an entire series of videos about cures….not treatments. But be careful if you ever call anything a cancer cure….you won’t be free much longer, or alive for even that matter. You will be quickly dismissed by every big pharma ruled person on the planet.

The word cancer sends fear into anyone…and with good reason, but there are several things you can do to aid you in fighting off cancer before it hits you. They’re pretty simple and obvious things, some of which I’ve touched on in other articles.

1). Stay away from GMO foods and eat organic as much as possible. So many of the foods people eat everyday are loaded with cancer causing chemicals and toxins….especially GMO corn…and corn is in a lot of things.

2). Avoid process foods.

3). Avoid toxic cookware. Teflon is great for non-stick cooking and makes cleaning much easier, but is the few minutes saved of easy cleaning worth getting cancer? I used to use Teflon cookware, I didn’t know any better. It’s amazing how things we add to out lives we do so very easily for convenience…but do we really know the truth behind it? As these Teflon surfaces get scratched, and they will, they begin to release toxic poisons as you cook…and where do these toxins go? Right into your food, that’s where.

4). Stay away from food stores in plastic. This is hard to do, but look for food stored in glass. If you have to use plastic, look for non BPA plastic. Plastic will release cancer causing endocrine disrupters into your food….these are mostly used for plastic water bottles (which is a huge waste of money to buy bottled water….it’s more expensive per gallon than gas. Spend the money and get yourself a gravity feed water filtration system rather than buying bottled water).

5). Don’t smoke….guilty

6). Only consume alcohol in moderation. And that goes for just about anything. If you overuse anything it’s bad….

This is just a short list. I’m sorry I was all over the board on this post, but cancer is such a effing scam it’s unbelievable. It makes me sick.

We have the cure for cancer…..let’s stop spending over $100 billion per year treating it. It’s time to end this trend.

Check out these numbers:

The National Institutes of Health estimated the overall costs of cancer in 2010 at $263.8 billion, of which $102.8 billion was for direct medical costs (total of all health expenditures), $20.9 billion for loss of productivity due to illness and $140.1 billion for cost of lost productivity due to premature death. In 2004, Medicare payments for all Part B drugs for medical oncology reached a total of $5.3 billion (of $2.3 billion for chemotherapy and $1.5 billion for erythroid growth factors). A 2007 study said that drugs prescribed by oncologists account for more than 40% of medicare spending, and spending on oral chemotherapy drugs as a proportion of total pharmacy benefits costs more than doubled between 2002 and 2006, increasing from 0.3% to 0.7%.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute estimated in 2011 that the total cost of cancer care in the US will rise to $158 billion in 2020, a 27% increase from 2010, due only to project growth and aging of the population. A less conservative scenario put the cost at $173 billion in 2020.


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2 Responses to It’s illegal to not poison your child in Connecticut

  1. madcat says:

    I encourage peope to take this question and ponder it. The treatement of cancer is based alot upon ‘experimental drugs’. Courtesy of ‘big pharma’..the people who stand to gain huge amounts of money by scaring people into willingly poisoning their bodies with these toxic chemicals. They prey on people’s fear. And how freaking scary is it to get told ‘You have cancer’?! Did you know that the average human being gets ‘cancer’ 6 times in their life and the person with it doesn;t even know it? Why? Because your body kills it off all by itself. Your article popints out many good facts about cancer and the causes, although their are numerous said ’causes’. You could literally write a book. The ‘blame game’ on cancer causing substances. Yet our FDA APPROVES some of the most prevelant cancer causing substances known to mankind. It’s one big money grab. Don’t trust the FDA. They bury the research, they have been bought…can be bought.It’s been proven repetitively.Plastic should not be used for food storgae or food packaging or in food prepearation. For all of you who still microwave your food in plastic containers, for your own life’s sake .STOP! IMMEDIATLY! But back to my question that all should ponder. If these doctors and cancer treating individuas want to pump you full of these toxic poisonous and new experiementlal treatment drugs.shouldn;t they be paying the individual they have targeted to be their ‘lab rat’? Anyone found to be diagnosed with cancer is given cancer ‘treatment’, you rarely hear it put forth as a cure. The ‘hope’ ofcourse is that these toxic chemicals will kill the cancer cells before the toxic chemicals kill you. Most people do not die from their cancer…. they die with cancer. they die from the complications that they endure due to the treatment they are being provided with to ‘treat’ their cancer. Anyone with cancer is nothing more than a ‘lab rat’ to these people. A number in a statistic in their experiment analysis report.That said.Seriosuly…. Shouldn’t they be paying the patient being treated? Yes, cancer kills. But not always. Even if never detected or treated by a doctor.. So if they ever want to pump me full of some toxic chemical substance , I will demand to be monetarily compensated for allowing them to do so. WHY are people losing everything they have ever attained in life just because they have been diagnosed with cancer? Why should anyone be paying for treatment of their cancer when the causes are due to all the substances the FDA has ‘approved’ as safe for human use even though the FDA knows it’s a big lie? Why do they continue to ‘allow’ products and additives and chemicals in ouir food, water and air and cleaning products and food preparation products etc that are proven carcinogens? People in the US should really start to pay closer attention to what products other nations literally BAN from use. GMO’s (our gentically modified food), Listerine (proven to cause oral cancer) Plastic containers of Bottled water…. because cancer causing chemicals from the palstic are absorbed into the water….just cuz you can;t SEE it doesn;t mean it isn’t there) Maybe I’ll research that subject further and provide you with a more comprehensive list. And to lessen your guilt of smoking…. if it is so bad..if they truly want people to stop…WHY not make them illegal? Oh yeah. BIG MONEY!!!!!! What a contradiction to listen to or read a tabacco product endorsement and then have them slide that spiel in at the end that if you’re interested in quitting contact Phillip Morris. The biggest tabacco company of them all….. yes.I’m sure they really want you to quit smoking….. Now ‘WHO’ (World Health Organiztion’) is on the attack of e-cigarettes. Nicotine and water vapor. that’s what you get from an e-cig. Nicotene is nothing more than a stimulant..just like caffienne.. it isn;t ‘bad or harmful to the normal average person. Oh but ‘wHO’ is screaming about their ‘safety’. citing they haven;t been tested propoerly for negative effects. Recently they came out citing ‘particulates’ have been found in the vap[or and that these particulates get into your lungs….. and apparently rthat is a bad thing. but go ahead and bretahe in that crap they are spraying up in our skies and the atmosphere. They want to get on a rampage about ‘particulates’.I could nail them to the cross on that one..


  2. madcat says:

    Restrictions on Abortion
    In Connecticut, the following restrictions on abortion were in effect as of November 1, 2014:
    Connecticut does not have any of the major types of abortion restrictions—such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions—often found in other states

    OK. So I found this interesting.. This is the state of Ct’s current law concerning abortion. I, and millions of other people regard the subject of abortion as a medical decision. It is a MAJOR medical procedure and not one that should be taken lightly. Yet a MINOR teenage girl can get an abortion in Ct WITHOUT ‘parental consent’.

    The court who ruled that this 17 year old girl be FORCED to undergo chemotherapy treatments supposedly due to questioning the 17 year old girls ability to make such a ‘mature decision’ is way out of line.

    So a kid can make the the decison at age 16 to drop out of school without parental consent. As if that has no life long consequences. It’s one of those laws that makes a parents head spin around like the chic in the movie The Excorsist. That is a HUGE decision. If there’s a decision that rwequires a level of ‘maturity’.the decision to drop out of school at age 16 if they ‘want to’ certainly calls for the ability to make a mature and informeed decision.. yet the law does not require it.

    So a minor teenage girl can opt to abort her child without parents ever having the knowledge about or having given their consent so long as the ‘state’ has provided that minor child with the information they deem the child should have prior to making such decision. ‘Ofcourse we must remind ourselves that our own children are no longer ‘ours’..according to these whackos that are running things in this country. Perhaps everyone pondering having a child should first submit to be sent a check every month to pay for all of the needs of the child they will be providing for that these sick individuals claim are not our own…. it seems whether you gave birth to the child or not. even as the parent you have no more rights than a ‘foster parent’…and foster parents recieve a paycheck from the government every month. So if the governement has the right to make all the big decisions concerning the child’s life…well shouldn’t they then owe every parent a paycheck……. ?

    So at age 17. They claim this girl doesn;t have the maturity level to make such a decision as to reject chemotherapy? I’m sure that she and her aprents were well informed as to the risks of chemotherapy….which is ‘why’ they made the decision to reject it. You might just as well hook yourself up to an IV attached to a can of Drano.. They are forcing this girl to be a ‘lab rat’ …one of their ‘satatistics’… People should be totally OUTRAGED by this story….. we have way too many people walking around who will do nohting but act as if they are just in shock over this story, maybe say to a person or two ‘oh how sad it is for that pooro girl and her family’..yet no one will ‘act’ upon it.. So long as you say you feel bad about it..that’lll be ‘enough’ to help you feel good about yourself. ….. hope you sleep well at night.

    Sad how no one seems to REALLY care until they themselves get caught in the line of fire.. everything is ‘fine’…until it happens to YOU!………am I right or am I right?


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