3 year old girl dies days after getting the flu shot

I’ve been saying this for years…DON’T GET THE FLU SHOT!!!!

This story covers not just this one girl, but touches on several others stories of young children who “mysteriously” die just days after getting the flu shot.

You can read in their own documents what’s contained in the vaccine. Two types of influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and influenza B along with Mercury, formaldehyde as well as other toxic chemicals.


Here’s the story from the Des Moines register


Watch the video…pay close attention to what Dr. Group has to say about this years flu shot.

Prepare your immune system…not everyone has to get sick. The stronger your immune system, the better you’ll be at fighting off not just the flu, but other illnesses and deceases including cancer. Start with Iodine, Selenium supplements and clean out your intestinal system. I recommend flushing your intestinal system every 3 months or so. Most deceases start in the gut as that’s where most of these toxins end up…and they build up and need a place to go. The intestinal tract then emits these toxins into the body and start to create havoc. Eat healthy foods. Stay away from fast foods, processed foods, and GMO foods to start…it’s an easy process….just do it.

And no matter what anyone says…including your employer….DO NOT GET THE FLU SHOT…..EVER. Its not mandatory, and no employer can force something into your body that you don’t want.

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1 Response to 3 year old girl dies days after getting the flu shot

  1. thenoveilst says:

    I always knew this ‘flu shot’ was exactly as it implies = shot you dead. On top of this devilish imposition, we all have the added chem/contrails to deal with. Devils wearing masks.


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