DMSO and Vitamin C….a cancer cure…

This is a follow up story to my posting regarding chemotherapy which talks about a lot of the things I said, plus more.

In the case from the girl in Connecticut, a judge rules today that she must get the chemotherapy. Just makes me sick. Go ahead, and take the poison, we don’t really what this judge said.

A couple of things to point out from this article about DMSO:

Chemotherapy does not target cancer cells, and because of this, chemotherapy:
1) Kills far more normal cells than cancer cells, and
2) Damages and toxifies many of the normal cells that do survive.

If a “magic bullet” were used FIRST by orthodox medicine, meaning the cut/burn/slash/poison treatments were avoided, a 90% true cure rate would be easy to achieve. But the fact of the matter is that the leaders in the medical community have absolutely no interest in finding a “magic bullet.” A “magic bullet” would cost the drug companies hundreds of billions of dollars, patients would have less hospitalization, less doctor visits, etc. The fact is, no one wants a “magic bullet” to be found. The evidence that this is true is that two “magic bullets” are already known to exist, but no one is using them except for a handful of doctors.

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7 Responses to DMSO and Vitamin C….a cancer cure…

  1. Amanda Trebiano says:

    I refused chemo from the get-go for a 100% fatal cancer (with or without chemo which the scumbag oncologists didn’t mention) that killed my sister 90 days to the day before my diagnosis. I was told I wouldn’t live 6 months without chemo (sister was 11 months diagnosis to grave) and they did everything but hold a gun to my head to try to force me to have chemo and if I had been a minor, I have no doubt they would have tried to get a court order to chemo me. They told me nothing of the risks the number one of which is a metachronous cancer CAUSED BY THE CHEMOTHERAPY if you happen to survive the chemo. I read over a hundred research papers that clearly stated chemo was/is totally ineffective vs. my cancer I’m doing very well at the moment to the absolute dismay of a dozen quacks who did everything but hold a GUN to my head to try and chemo me–for a cancer that doesn’t respond to IV/systemic chemo. When I pointed this out to them, they said it would respond and I’d be cured. I asked them to please explain to me what they knew about high-grade serous adenocarcinoma that apparently no one else in medicine knows and how it works on THEIR patients but everyone else has a 100% mortality rate with platinum-based chemo. They danced around for a while, but every time they looked expectantly at me, I pointed out that they had yet to answer my question. Then I asked them why there wasn’t a line around the block outside their office of people wanting their special cancer cure that NO ONE else has. They did everything but hold a gun to my head–told me I was “being ridiculous” and that “compliant patients have better outcomes” and so on until I stood up and told them they were all money grubbing lying sacks of shit who wanted to poison me for profit since they had no medical reason since there are NO known 1 year survivors of what I have. They didn’t even have the good manners to look ashamed of themselves and their parting shot: “better call hospice…” and I said “Fine. So be it and fuck all y’all’s asses” which caused my sister to start laughing her ass off and her parting shot was better than mine, sadly. They’re stunned I’m not dead and are pi$$ed off that I wrote a book calling them all out for the mass murdering scumbags they are.

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