USDA refuses to test foods for Glyphosate and other pesticides.

Great article from here regarding pesticides contamination in our foods, and how the USDA is refusing to test for glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup), because it’s “too expensive”

He also points out big business is trying to get the EPA (worthless organization) is to up the levels of legal tolerance for pesticides in crops.

Don’t forget…the head of the USDA is a former Monsanto lawyer… Of course he won’t rule against them…it’s not in his best interest.

Remember, most of these pesticides used here in the US are banned in almost every other country around the world…yet perfectly safe for Americans. Makes zero sense to me….

Look at what you eat. Find out what’s in it before you eat it. Keep in mind that it may not make you sick or kill you right away, but it’s a slow kill….building up over time. Killing your immune system. Damaging your heart. Causing all types of diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders, autism, obesity, diabetes, heart desease, infertility, and yes…Cancer.

Wake up people….they are slowly killing you and you don’t even know it. How is that not considered murder?

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