$50,000 per person for Obamacare

What a great deal!

Originally when Obama proposed his healthcare reform, he said it would cost $900 billion for about 30 million Americans ($30,000 per person)

The CBO came out today and said its going to cost us $1.993 trillion over 10 years. Quite a hefty increase from $900 billion. That puts it at right around $50,000 per person.

Can someone tell me how this makes sense? How many Americans spend $50,000 per year on healthcare, let alone spent that much overall per year? Less than 10% is my guess. But we (you and me) are flipping the money to fund this?

There’s no way we can continue to afford to pay this!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just take…say $10,000 and put it in an account for the uninsured? It’s there if they need it. If they don’t use it, it goes back to the people.


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1 Response to $50,000 per person for Obamacare

  1. madcat says:

    It isn’t MEANT to succeed. He relayed to us all, flat out, on national Tv, that his ultimate goal is a ‘single payer system’. Most people probably don’t even know what that ‘means’. What it ‘means’ is that the governement will decide what healthcare you do or do not get. Your health care will be controlled by the government. period. Get it? NO FREEDOM over your own health. The government will be able to dictate to us all what we eat and how much we eat of it. What we do and what we don;t do.depending on the potential ‘health risks’ involved in any given action. The governement will determine if you are ‘worthy’ of whatever medical treatment you seek.. If they think you aren’t ‘worth it’… you’ll be screwed. You’ll find yourself flying to places like Costa Rica for treatement. Think of the money that will be saved by the government if they’re just letting us all die. that’s the real freaking plan people! Wake the heck up!!!!!!!!!!


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