The Truth About Vaccines

Here’s a great video with Alex Jones, Rob Dew and David Knight from really breaking down the lies the left are trying to convince us of when it comes to vaccines.

Vaccines CAUSE the very thing you are trying to prevent. Most of these vaccines they are trying to force us into getting are banned all around the world. Why would that be?

Study after study, whistleblower after whistleblower have come out and said so. The left, and the vaccine crew just choose to ignore the facts. It becomes about race and the “Herd Mentality.” Hogwash….

I’m so tired of getting lies shoved down my throat. I’m trying of being lied to. I’m tired of being called an anti-vaccer. I’m tired of them continuing to lead us into a state of forced vaccinations. It’s my body…I take the right supplements, eat the right food, and stay way from as much of the poisons they try to get us to take.

Enough already….

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