Apples now approved to be produced at GMO

The USDA has approved Okanagan Specialty Fruits company to produce what what will call the “Arctic Apple.” They claim its, “…married the best of nature and the best of science.” Oh great….

Okanagan’s founder, Neal Carter, who has already in the past opposed labeling of GMO foods says they will have information on their website about Arctic apples, and anyone who wishes to know about the information behind these apples can check it out on their website. So what that means is, we won’t just tell the consumer what it is, they’ll have to research it themselves. And we know how many Americans will do that right? The, “I want it now society” we live in won’t take the time to find out for themselves what they’re eating. They’ll just think it’s an apple like another apple and eat it.

Mr. Carter also says that by labeling this apple and GMO would be, “demonizing it.” Aw yeah….exactly you idiot. That’s the intention. Oh no…let’s not tell the public the truth….

The science behind this apple is genetically suppressing the (PPO), polyphenol oxidase gene….this is the process that naturally browns the apple after it’s been sliced. A natural process that is intended to inform the potential eater that this apple may not be good to eat…or it’s gone rotten. So it potentially will lead people into eating apples that may be rotten, but still look good enough to eat. Imagine smelling the milk….(we’ve all done this….). It smells ok so you drink it and you don’t get sick. The bad smell tells us it’s not safe to drink right? Now imagine if they took the bad smell out of milk….you smell it…it smells fine and you drink it. But it’s already gone sour but you can’t tell….hours later you’re throwing up and feel ill because you just drank bad, spoiled milk. Sounds great right?

So just watch out for these Arctic apples….I’m sure it won’t be the only new GMO apple or other fruits to come down the line.

Another theory is that this apple may actually reduce the the health promoting qualities it’s intended for. Remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the Dr. away?” Well this apple may not do that. It may seem tasty. It may look right…but it might not offer any any nutritional value at all.

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