McDonald’s and Monsanto going downhill fast

I love reading stories like this one. A piece of good news on a Sunday morning…

We can’t always get what we want when we vote for our leaders, but we can get what we want by voting with our dollars. You may not see results right away like you can by watching election night coverage….but you’ll see it eventually. This is a process. One that takes time. Once these companies start to realize that the public is waking up to the reality of that crap they are producing, them perhaps they will change.

It’s still up to us, the consumer, who can determine what direction companies like McDonald’s will go. I enjoyed one commenter on this post who said, The only time I go into McDonald’s etc , is to use the bathroom on a long road trip. I return their shit with my shit. And that’s exactly right….don’t eat their shit. It’s probably the worst place to eat hands down.

More and more is coming out of the additives and the preservatives companies like McDonald’s add to their food. People like The Food Babe, Vani Hari and others are pounding these people and we must keep it up. Don’t eat their garbage. It’s not nutritious….it’s not doing your body any good. You’re better off starving yourself than to eat this garbage. At least after a couple days of not eating, your body tells itself to start using the stored up fat that it’s been holding onto for years….and that’s not all bad.

As far as Monsanto goes….it’s much harder to stay away from their products, but it can be done. #1 thing to watch for is anything with corn, or corn byproducts, because about 90% of the corn grown in the US is GMO corn.

These people will learn. They will change. Or they will go under.

Keep up the fight America….it’s a long battle, but we will succeed if we continue to vote with our dollars. Don’t give these people any of your hard earned dollars. You don’t need to be an “activist”. You don’t have to go out and protest. You don’t have to be on the news…start your own website…write a book….write to the paper….write to the company…. Which are all great ideas…and I’m not telling anyone NOT to do those things….but not everyone has the time nor the means to do those things. Just do 1 simple thing….DONT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY!

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