Mall Of America Terror Plot

This story got my attention since it’s from my home town. I worked at the Mall Of America for a few years and it attracts people from all over. Millions of people visit the mall every year and the place is always crowded. I remember back in the day after 9/11, security was very high at the mall in preparation for an attack at the mall. They figured just the name alone made it a target for the terrorist, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s a target again now.

Back when I was there, I moved away in 2001, there wasn’t a whole lot of Somali’s in the area. It seems that this Refugee Resettlement Program has been bringing in the Somali’s en mass the last several years. I still have family and friends in the area, and I hear from them that the Somali’s are everywhere. I had read back before the elections that there was a candidate running for a state representative. Not sure if it was for house or senate, and not even sure if he won or not, but I do recall the story speaking about him being the first Somali immigrant getting elected to any state office. His name is Abdimalik Askar…I will see if I can find the results for this race, but I know he was endorsed by the Republican Party.

My wife’s cousin’s wife is a nurse in North Dakota and she speaks about all of the Somali patients she sees who claim to be the wife of someone, but it’s always the wife of the same person. It’s a medical scam to get coverage. From what she explained to me, this man will bring women over, marry them legally, and send them in for health care. Once care is received, the divorce and he does the same thing with someone else. These women are essentially used as slaves for their businesses….it happens all the time and nothing seems to get done about it. Take that for what’s it’s worth….again…just something I was told, I have no documentation or proof.

I’m going to link two YouTube videos from Dahboo77 and dahboo777 speaking about first, the terror threat from Jeh Johnson, head of DHS, and the second is a follow up as to the why and how all of these “refugees” are coming to Minnesota.

Thanks to Dahboo for bringing attention to this.

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2 Responses to Mall Of America Terror Plot

  1. I just saw a news story on the local news here about how they are performing “Lockdown” drills at MOA during open hours. Just another drill to get us used to the Police State. “Don’t worry…everything is ok. Ignore the SWAT teams, ignore the dogs, ignore the firearms…everything is under control.”


  2. Ding dong, TIME TO WAKE UP, CITIZEN says:

    Of course they wouldn’t mention why. And they still won’t, long after it’s done. Mall of America? A target? Ask yourself this: Why was WTC done? Because it was one of the largest constructs of America. Now, think again, what will happen once the same possibly happens to MoA? What will happen to our ties to corporations in other countries? Will we buy out their will as they go along with the plot?


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