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Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

One of the best videos Alex Jones has ever put out.  After years of gathering intel, writing articles, making movies, doing his radio and TV news report, Alex compiles years of information to show how the police state has been … Continue reading

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12 Worst Ingedients at McDonald’s

This comes from   Great article listing the 12 worst ingredients in Mickey D’s food and how they harm your body.  Check it out:

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Fake Gun Store in NYC blames the gun to First Time Gun buyers

This story really pisses me off.  These people are always on the side that it’s the guns fault, and not the person behind it.  It’s funny how in their video that they show the “customers reaction” but how do we … Continue reading

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California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans

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ATF Backs Off from “Green Tip” AR-15 Ammo……for now

This is from Katie Pavlich and ….this isn’t over by any means.   They will find another way….BUT if we keep fighting against their evil schemes, their backdoor illegal activities, their Un-Constitutional activities, we can defeat them. Keep pushing … Continue reading

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Crimes in our Skies, East Coast of US Coldest in the World

Great video from Dane Wiggington here recapping what’s been happening in our skies the last couple of weeks. Breaking down how and why the record cold and snowfalls are effecting the east coast of the US. Above average temps in … Continue reading

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