Government Blocks 1st Amendment rights to report reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson have been denied access to a dirty bomb drill in California tomorrow. They even show a copy of the email they received from the Deputy Director of Public Affairs Captain Will Martin. 

I guess if you want to share a story opposite to what they want you to say, they just ban you.  Sounds like a globalist plan to me. 

Here’s a portion of the email:

“Upon reviewing your body of work, the California Military Department has chosen to decline you and Jakari Jackson media access to the emergency-response exercise involving the California National Guard on April 11, 2015, in Richmond, California,” states the email.

“The nature of your work and the media programs in which you regularly participate (e.g. The Alex Jones Show) are consistently conspiratorial and inflammatory in nature. Therefore, we hold little confidence that granting you access to the exercise would result in a fair and responsible report for your audience.”

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