AARP Puts on commercial with subliminal message about Martial Law

This from Paul Joseph Watson and the team at

Recently AARP put out this public service announcement with the tv noise coming from the background. It’s way to quiet to hear at a normal level, but once the sound is turned up and enhanced, you can clearly hear the tv talking about how the recent riots has caused the president to declare martial law…this is so bizarre, I find it hard to find words…

This has to be intentional and put in on purpose by AARP, there’s no other explanation for it. Why would they do that?  
Other people have commented on the video speaking to the fact that the woman is wearing a Jade sweater, knitting with jade needles, and there happens to be a ships helm on the end table behind her at the beginning of the video.   This of course is in reference to the upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercise starting in July. Now do these things have anything in common?  I’m not sure, but it sure is coincidental isn’t it?

Watch the video and let me know what you think…

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1 Response to AARP Puts on commercial with subliminal message about Martial Law

  1. madcat says:

    AARP. Well known to be part of the ‘machine’ destroying and attempting to ‘fundamentally transform’ the US of AMERICA that most of us are used to. The premise of this video, if you truly break down the facts and pieces of it, well, let me just say that I believe the AARP ad that is playing in the background is no mistake. That actually had to be ‘created’ intentionally because no such ad truly exists or has ever been played on our national TV. So what is the point of it,one may ask? Subliminal messages. Psyche-ops if you will. No average human ear is going to consciously pick up on that ad. But your sub-conscious will. It is almost as if to prepare the masses for such a declaration to be made, and for it to processed by the sheeple as something they were expecting, something that doesn’t come as a major shock. Yet they will have no idea as to how they are not surprised. Subliminal preparedness for the worst. And as for ‘Jade Helm’….. .. the imagery in this ad is not by chance. These people do everything ‘hidden in plain sight’….. if you’re ‘awake’ it’s all right there in front of your face. Uneducated ,sleeping people call us ‘conspiracy theorists’….. may they be blissful in their ignorance. ….and may God save us all….. for as it is written that these things will be revealed to us when it is time…..and it is also written that ‘the blind shall seek but will not find’.Consider it a true blessing if you are ‘awake’.


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