Flouride to be reduced in Water across the U.S. 

In an almost unexpected announcement, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) made a suggestion to reduce the amount of flouride in US tap water.  This is great news, but it’s not good enough in my opinion as it should all be taken out.  As per their suggestion, the recommend reducing the amount from anywhere fro 0.7 ppm to 1.2ppm (parts per million) to 0.7 ppm or less.  

They have been working on this since 2011, so I’m not sure why it took so long to finalize this, but this is a step in the right direction. I find it funny that the reason they give isn’t about the fact that it decreases IQ,or decreases memory, but that too much flouride in the water can lead to an increase of getting flourosis, which is a staining of the teeth.  

Keep fighting to have this poison removed. 

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1 Response to Flouride to be reduced in Water across the U.S. 

  1. madcat says:

    Fluoride. It isn’t just for RINSING anymore. You just have to wonder why there were not masses of individuals questioning the addition of fluoride to the DRINKING water or that several beverages sold on store shelves in PLASTIC bottles (double whammy) is ‘fortified with fluoride. Evidently no one ever remembers their fluoride treatments at the dentist office. Anyone who would stop ,pause and think about just that one scenario. …..or to remember the days of being in grade school when the people came in once a year and taught us all ‘how to’ brush your teeth….and you were supplied with toothpaste that had the consistency of brushing with wet sand. In both of those scenarios, what did they stress upon and try to ensure did not happen? DON’T SWALLOW IT!!!!!!!!. And the fact that you must contact a poison control center IMMEDIATELY if you should ever decide to go on a toothpaste eating binge at some random point in your life…. or somehow ‘accidentally’ ingest your tube of toothpaste in the sleepytime fog you are in one morning. Or maybe someone is going to one day force you to eat a tube of toothpaste. that whole thing makes me question WHY they decided to make special delicious tasting toothpaste for small children… under the premise of promoting them to brush their teeth….well would it not also incline some small children to actually EAT it?! And you can’t put a Mr. Yuck sticker on the tube, remember him? It is to warn a child that something is poison and they should stay away from it….it would be a contradiction and confusing to a child to see a Mr. yuck sticker on a product you are trying to get him to put into his mouth. The child could potentially report you for child abuse. Again I ask the ‘sheeple’..do you even know what fluoride is?! Look it up! now it may not be ‘as bad’ if you are not actually INGESTING it…. Don’t swallow your toothpaste or mouth rinse….I would assume this practice would severely decrease your chances of being highly impacted by the small amount of fluoride you would then be exposed to. Seriously sheeple. Fluoride doesn’t offer supposed protection from decay from the inside out. If that is the belief you might just as well drink bleach or consume your teeth whitening strips.Fluoride is RAT POISON. There are so many things you can purchase that are meant for topical use ONLY..fluoride is definitely one of them! I mean no one is out there eating their Neosporin are they or adding a few drops of Bactine to their drinking water to kill bacteria from the inside out? ofcourse they aren’t. Because they have knowledge it doesn’t ‘work’ that way. Well, sheeple, NEITHER DOES FLUORIDE! Our society has been brainwashed. they don’t even give it a second thought. They don;t even question ‘what’ it is. Sheep being willingly led to the slaughter….. I pray everyone wakes up before it is too late.maybe it already is…… but the rest of us aren’t going down without a fight. We aren’t conspiracy theorists’…we’re trying to save the rest of you from your own ignorance.


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