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C-SPAN Video about Ft. AP Hill

Interesting video from C-SPAN talking about the Asymmetric warfare base here in the US.  They say, its for training our troops for overseas, but it looks just like any regular American city.  So what really is this place for?   … Continue reading

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Panera Bread to remove 150 Additives from their food thanks to the Food Babe

Another victory for healthy eating by the  Her list of companies she and her Food Babe Army has defeated is growing with new companies changing their ways almost every month now. Last month it was Chipolte who took GMO … Continue reading

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Problem, Reaction, Solution….the Government Plan

Do you ever wonder how or why the government does what it does?   Look at anything, and put these 3 words to it, problem, reaction, solution, and it will almost always apply to the situation. I’ll tell you what … Continue reading

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