Problem, Reaction, Solution….the Government Plan

Do you ever wonder how or why the government does what it does?   Look at anything, and put these 3 words to it, problem, reaction, solution, and it will almost always apply to the situation.

I’ll tell you what I mean…and trust me, I’m not the first one to come up with this idea, but I wanted to share it.

Let’s start with the definanitions of each topic:

Problem:  Manipulate a reaction by creating a perceived problem, such as police violence against blacks.  And this particular issue was created by the government funded main stream media operations.  

Reaction:  The people react to the problem and demands a solution for the problem, such as in the previous example, we need to prosecute police for violence against blacks or some other solution, or take away guns, or spend more money on education for young black students.  

Solution:  The government funds and implements a solution (which in most cases they have pre-planned before creating the problem), such as taking away firearms from the police…which was recently proposed by Al Sharpton….he just loves all of us and wants us to be safe…uh huh.  
Of course I’m using the above example in regards to the most recent actions in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.    This process can be applied almost anywhere, and not just in government.  Look at Businesses for example….let’s look at the Internet.  Company provides slow internet speeds, customer reacts and wants faster speeds, company increased speeds ands then of course charges more for that speed.  Where the company had the ability to increase the speeds before, but couldn’t justify charging more for it.  So because of the problem created by them, caused a reaction by the customer, hence th company is able to charge more for a perceived better service.

You following me?  I think it’s pretty clear how often this technique is used.  It actually has a name to it…The Hegelian Dialectic, or Diocletian’s Theory.  It seems to have been first implemented and developed to perfection by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair throughout the late 1990’s thru the early 2000’s.  

Let’s see if we can come up with more examples….hmmmm

Ok, Afghanistan…Problem: Opium production decreases across the country causing the supply to US to drug dealers (the CIA mostly) to drop.  That’s the real problem, but the perceived problem is the Taliban terrorists. The terrorists helped to bomb the World Trade Center, these terrorists are threatening us, these terrorists are bad guys.  Reaction:   We need to do something.  These guys are threatening how we live our lives.  These guys killed our people.  These guys are savages.  We must kill them back.  Solution:  Send in the US Armed Forces and build a huge base in Bahrain, and hundreds of other bases, forward operating bases and units across the country to fight the Taliban.  

And now for the results….The Taliban is still there just as strong as ever.  Hundreds of our soldiers are killed and wounded.  Thousands come home and need further treatment from the VA ( which of course we know they won’t get, but that’s another story). Opium production increase…I don’t have th exact numbers and dates, but it’s somewhere around this…Afghanistan used to produce about 90% of the worlds Opium, but decreases to only about 10% before we went in…after we got there..MIRACLE…it jumps back to 90% again….now that it’s “stable” there and we got the job done, now it’s time to bring the guys back says Mr. Obama.  Oh wait…we did get Osama Bin Laden who wasn’t actually in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan.  

One more example????  Ok…let’s find one…

Wanted solution:  Create a welfare state to crash the US economy to make more people dependent on the handouts of the government.  
Problem:  We have millions of illegal aliens within our country who are in need of assistance.  We can’t break up families where some members are citizens, and some are not.  This problem is caused by the government leaving our borders wide open.  Not deporting these criminals (and don’t say they aren’t….they crossed our border ILLEGALLY…by definition that makes them criminals).  The problem is caused by the government funding Homeland Security to build holding facilities for them, purchasing bus tickets, airline tickets to fly them wherever they want to go.  We pay to house them, feed them, cloth them, vaccinate them (ugharootie), educate them etc etc etc.  

Reaction:  The people say we need to help these people. We need amnesty.  We need to take care of people wanting to become Americans (except they won’t assimilate, they will keep to themselves and make our country just as crappy as the one they came from). We need to spend more money on education for these people.  We need to be more open to their ways..(such as the singing of the Mexican National Athem before the recent boxing match this past weekend. Keep in mind, it was an American and a Philapino fighting…not a Mexican.  But, “In honor of Cinco De Meyo”, they sang the Mexican National Anthem.   Just craziness.

Solution:  Grant them all amnesty.  Crush our economy.  Make us all dependent on the government.  Take away our life savings.  On and on and on and on and on and on and on…….
Ok…so I cut the last part a little short, but I’m sure you got my point.  If not, you weren’t ready to hear it anyways.  

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1 Response to Problem, Reaction, Solution….the Government Plan

  1. madcat says:

    Well maybe if people used LOGIC instead of basing their reactions on emotions to make a decision.things would go better and turn around. I mean Gruber wasn’t wrong. I mean he was flat out honest when stating they count on the ‘stupidity’ of the American people. And evidently the stupid people outnumber those of us who are informed. Ignorance is bliss. You ever notice?……and it’s amazingly easy to determine within minutes of meeting anyone..and you can find out in a split second if you ask any random person ‘Are you awake?’. The intelligent ,informed person will know EXACTLY what you mean, the ones who are still blissful in their lack of knowledge , who question ‘nothing’ because ‘individual critical thinking’ is too hard and takes too much of an effort’. afterall,.who needs to take the time to really be informed ?, this stuff all runs itself ,right?.no need to pay attention to the details. Most people seem to have the attention span of a toddler. The ones still walking around in a coma don;t even have the desire to learn anything or even ‘bother’ to be informed, they ‘don’t have time for it’…. and they won’t….some will NEVER have the time or take notice. Why? Because until it directly affects them, they couldn’t care any less.. What is pathetic about this situation is that it is ALL DIRECTLY AFFECTING THEM, they just don’t realize it. Think of them as all having tooth decay going on in their mouth, they won’t even notice it until the pain really sets in…and what happens in that situation? They’ll go to extreme lengths to have someone fix it ASAP.. they want the pain of it relieved as soon as they can find someone to do it. This all kinda works the same. By the time they realize that this disease that is our government, is slowly taking their very life away from will be too late. These ignorant individuals are content to play their video games, be distracted by sporting events, and whatever is going on it Hollywood, or eagerly anticipating the next tech gadget or more concerned about what they will be doing to entertain themselves this coming weekend. It’s all like a really bad movie..except this is really all happening….. and it is like I’ve said before, WE ‘the awakened’ are made fun of and called all sorts of names and given all sorts of titles. Well it is well known that bullies have to pick on people to make themselves feel bigger and better. Obviously we are a threat to their lack of intelligence. And guess who they will turn to for ‘help’ when it all goes to complete hell? Us ‘the Awakened’…. how do you save an idiot from themself? …… You can’t. And I’m not even going to discuss the individuals who THINK they are informed and know the facts of everything because they heard someone else say it (like Jon Stewart said it .so it is simply swallowed as 100% truth/fact) The ‘indoctrinated’…. if you haven;t ever taken the time to do your own research on any given subject, you are not truly informed..oh but that would mean one would have to take the time to READ! And who has time for that when you have that next level of your video game to conquer?


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