C-SPAN Video about Ft. AP Hill

Interesting video from C-SPAN talking about the Asymmetric warfare base here in the US.  They say, its for training our troops for overseas, but it looks just like any regular American city.  So what really is this place for?  


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1 Response to C-SPAN Video about Ft. AP Hill

  1. madcat says:

    By the time anyone actually derives the answer to that question……it will be too late…. It is OBVIOUS we are being lied to with the answers given in this video…as if ALL OF US are idiots….. but you gotta love the people who asked the questions..evidently they are not part of the sleeping sheeple crowd. Oh, and GOD BLESS and PROTECT ALEX JONES and ALL of the INFOWAR CREW!. You know they got it going on when they are being attacked and not just written off as ‘crazies’….. They only attack you when they are actually threatened by you… which means the truth is being exposed and people are waking up and listening!


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