Don’t be fooled by the media push by the Charleston Shooting

I just want to share my thoughts in regards what’s already being shoved down our throats regarding the latest shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.  

This fits 2 major agendas in which we will hear over and over and over and over again by both the mainstream media and the Obama administration….banning guns AND pushing the black versus white division.  Don’t be fooled by what you hear.  

The alleged shooter, although may have hated blacks, and took actions for what he believes, it doesn’t mean that all white people wish black people dead and vice versa.  

Secondly, we’ve already heared the pos POTUS call for his next attempt to take away our guns.  Criminals know where guns are not allowed, and will take advantage of that weakness.  If JUST ONE other person in that prayer room was carrying a weapon, I guarantee that this incident wouldn’t of happened.  He wouldn’t have even attempted to enter that church if he had the slightest thought that someone else was carrying.  And this is why we are allowed to legally carry weapons.  Done.  

This incident has more to do with the medication he was on, than it was about black vs white.  Look up the drug, suboxone.  You will see many many stories of people becoming violent and dangerous when on it.  And yet this drug, which is meant to help, is doing more harm. Just like many of the other SSRI drugs on the market, yet the powers that be still allow these drugs in the treatment of mental disorders.  It’s all a fallacy. 

Their plan will not work.  Too many people are awake and aware of your agenda media….  Go on and cover something else more important like out open borders, or ISIS, or TPA/TPP.  Get of the gun banning and the division of our people.

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1 Response to Don’t be fooled by the media push by the Charleston Shooting

  1. madcat says:

    Suboxone. Yet another example of our worthless FDA and the manipulation of ‘big pharma’. As seems to be the recent and not so recent ‘norm’.if you are deemed to have any type of /mental disorder’, well, there is a ‘pill’ to ‘help you’, and more often than not individuals are given a prescription for their mental disorder with no therapy to coincide with such. Evidently there is more money to be made putting millions of people on prescription drugs than there is in the treatment of therapy which could actually make them ‘well’. There should be no prescription written to address a mental ‘disorder’ without therapy that works along with it. There are way too many drugs now days that are prescribed that have extremely negative side effects and yet they are ‘approved’ by the FDA. ‘Big pharma’ has way too much ‘control’ in this arena. We have ‘mad scientists’ creating these new drugs and despite the test studies of the negative side effects, our FDA ignores the negative side effects and gives these drugs their stamp of approval. Then big pharma sends their reps out into the world of doctors and clinics to push these drugs. Money is a pretty powerful incentive. Doctors are ‘rewarded’ for writing prescriptions for these drugs. We, the people, have become nothing more than ‘lab rats’. Lawyers love this. The unending supply of lawsuits that result from the negative side effects of these drugs is big money. What the lawyers are making in comparison to what the people who have suffered in any way from any given ‘bad drug’ pales in comparison to what is awarded to the actual victim or the families affected by such. And when is the last time you ever heard of any media coverage concerning such a lawsuit? You don’t. The entire system is corrupt.

    It saddens my heart that anyone falls for this racial narrative that is successfully undoing everything that has been accomplished in that arena . Creating ‘re-newed’ racial divide. Sad how the POTUS can stand up there behind a podium and flat out lie to the people about how violent crime is lower in other developed countries than it is here. Englands violent crime rate is three times that of ours…..but it not the use of guns, as they have very strict gun laws…. so violent crimes are committed using baseball bats and knives. Now I’m not saying I have any desire to die a violent death, but if I had to choose a violent way to die, I’d rather die from a gun shot wound than being stabbed repetitively or struck with a baseball bat. The most asked question when one hears of someone dying (in any type of scenario) is ‘Did they suffer?’

    The problem is not guns. The problem is the breakdown of our society and the lack of ever decreasing morals and values and a lack of respect for each other. Is it any wonder there are more and more people suffering from ‘mental illness’.? It’s hard to mentally and emotionally ‘cope’ with the overall decline of our society. We’re turning into animals. ……. handing them their ‘crisis’ on a silver platter. (never let a good crisis go to waste) Psyche Ops. Freaking’ WAKE UP people. And STOP taking their prescription drugs to treat your ‘mental’ conditions…… and if you’re a parent , get informed and RESEARCH the drugs they wish to or are prescribing to your child. Despite their narrative that ‘your child does not belong to you’…. well your child most certainly does! I mean unless you were in bed with one of these individuals spewing this narrative and they are responsible for having seeded that egg in your womb, that child is YOURS (and God’s)… God entrusted you with that child. God endowed you with the ability to gain knowledge and be informed so you can successfully provide and raise said child. Might I implore upon you all to utilize the gifts God bestowed you with. Stop poisoning your children with the drugs ‘big pharma’ and the FDA are pushing on you as the magical answer to your issues. They are causing more harm than good. My brain explodes when I watch drug ads on television or hear them on TV. the ‘cure’ is worse than the disease. I’ll pass. I’ll suck it up and deal with my little aches and pains and not being able to do many of the things I used to be able to do in my younger years. Yet another narrative that makes me ill. As if there is major shame in getting older and that your age is ‘showing’. Market and advertising makes this out to be the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. … but if you buy this ‘magical’ cosmetic solution….. Not sayin’ one can’t do the best they can do with what God gave them, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be bullied by a system intent on making us feel ashamed to be getting older. It’s all around us. All these marketing gimmicks that make you feel like ‘less’… you don’t measure up…. you aren’t successful enough, you aren’t pretty enough ,you aren’t smart enough,, you aren’t athletic enough . and on and on and on…… all this narrative accomplishes is ‘mental disorders’…. No matter what, everyone is made to somehow be uncomfortable in their own skin…. because you are not ‘enough’. More people, need to wake up to this false narrative….TRUE ‘Happiness’ is achieved being content with what you have and who you are.


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