Joe Biggs in Atlanta today at Adventure Outdoors

I had a great opportunity to meet Joe Biggs today. I would follow this guy anywhere.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and get a chance to talk him for a while before it got crazy packed in there.

Too bad I didn’t win the Triton they were giving away, but it was still a great time.  I even had a chance to pick up a new IWB holster while I was there. 

Thank you, Adventure Outdoors and Headdown Firearms for this chance.  

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  1. madcat says:

    I concur with the facts stated above about Joe Biggs. What a genuine individual. Nothing fake about him. His friendly demeanor is very sincere. He has a smile and a sparkle in his eyes that indicates he is sincerely glad to meet you. Just a really nice guy. It was a true pleasure to make his acquaintance and would jump at the chance to interact with him again. He’s just someone you really want to ‘know’. The guys from Head Down were also extremely friendly and easy to talk to guys. No sense of anyone in this group making you feel beneath them. This was just an all around fun and amusing event to be at. Nice to see so many people of like mindedness in one place. Nice to chat with strangers about what is going on in this country and not worry about having to be politically correct because you might ‘offend someone’. Great job to all those who were involved in putting this together. Although we did lightheartedly scold Joe for not putting the word out of where he was going to be. Many avid followers didn’t get word until either right before the event or even AFTER the event. Perhaps he hasn’t yet come to realize how many people admire him for what he is doing and for his true conviction in his love for this country…. but I think he may be in the process of coming to realize it. He’s a good guy. ‘We The People’ owe him great thanks and gratitude for having served in our military to protect our freedoms and for his continuing the fight despite not being an ‘active’ service member. God Bless and protect him. I wish nothing but success for Head Down Firearms . So inspiring to be around true fellow patriots giving of their time and their abilities to continue to defend our freedoms. May God Bless and protect them all.


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