Standing Guard since Obama won’t. 

Numerous people across the U.S. are out in front of recruitment centers defending our military over the last few days. This is a heroic event that’s taking place. I pledge allegiance to all of these fine people.

In line with this, I myself will be heading down to the Marines recruitment center here locally after work to do my part.  I encourage everyone who has the ability to, tondo the same thing. Obama won’t order it, so us Americans have to step up and do what he won’t, but he should do.

We can’t rely on the POTUS to ever do the right thing, but we can!

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1 Response to Standing Guard since Obama won’t. 

  1. madcat says:

    Please don;t wear any shirt that says ‘YES WE CAN!’ LMAO I was elated to hear how ‘thankful’ the guys at the recruitment center were for you having begun to do this. They certainly do not take this matter lightly. Others whom observed this , passer-bys , also had demonstrated their appreciation and were thankful. Just makes you wonder why it is that our President isn’t taking this matter seriously. To me and other fellow Americans, it is yet another dis-service and mistreatment of those who serve to protect us. Oh dummy me.I ‘forgot’.. these guys are defending our freedoms and this President doesn’t want us to have any. And this President will call for these guys to turn on the people they are protecting? Um.”Good luck with that Mr. President”


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