My story, Tampa Area Recruitment Centers Ordered to Leave their Offices

Yesterday (July 24, 2015) about noon eastern, I received call from my son who is currently down in Plant City, Florida.  He called to let me know that his roommate, who is his former sergeant in the Army and is now a Army recruiter in the area had sent him a text that he was ordered to leave his office.  I will include that text below.  I asked why, and he read me the text that states, “FYI we have to buy bullets. Somebody call or(our) Battalion to threat to shoot the recruiting offices in Tampa we were ordered to leave the Office” I thought this was pretty big news and asked my son if had had anymore information, which he did not.


Upon finishing my call, I sent out a Tweet through my Twitter account (@jeffhanson9) stating, “All recruitment centers in the Tampa area have been ordered to evacuate due to threats that there will be shootings. Info from a recruiter”  I thought about it for a while, and I didn’t have that many followers, so I decided to forward the tweet to Joe Biggs (@rambobiggs) and to @infowars.  From that point, the next 2 hours were crazy.  Joe Biggs and I began tweeting back and forth.  He was trying to get more information from me, and I was busy trying to get more information from my son’s friend. I tried to get to talk to the recruiter, but was told that he would not be allowed to, which is understandable.  When I finally got back to Joe Biggs about not being able to talk to him, he said, “that’s fine. Report is about to go live”   This is the video that he did.

From that point on, things got crazy.  First off, I am truly appreciate of the fact that Joe Biggs called me, “a friend in Georgia”  My Twitter account blew up since in the video it clearly shows my Twitter account.  I was constantly getting messages, retweets and favorites.  People wanted to know if I had more information, and I had to let them know that just about everything I knew was on the video.  I called my wife and had her login to YouTube and watch the above video while I was on the phone with her.  I wanted to hear her reaction.  It was pretty cool actually.  During this time, I was not able to listen to the Alex Jones Show live since I was on the phone.  After getting off the phone, I was finally able to get back to the radio show.  I was only back on for a couple of minutes when Alex bought up the article and video that Joe had put out.  I was amazed.  Alex Jones said my name, live on air.

Here is that clip:

Later on in the show, Joe Biggs, along with Alex Jones did an update to the story, and here is that clip:

One more time that night on the Infowars Nightly News, LeeAnn McAdoo also talked about the report and also added a clip about the attempt to take away our guns.  I’ve always loved this clip she added:

All in all, it was a very crazy day for me.  I was so overwhelmed at the end of the day, I had to put my devices away about 10:30 pm.  And that includes not playing Words with Friends haha.  I gained about 30 new followers on my Twitter account, and I had several people, including private security people, reporters, other recruiters, and other people asking me so many questions, it was hard to keep up with.  And keep in mind, I work a retail sales job, and I still had to try and work through all of this.  It was not easy, trust me.

I hope this story will encourage other, “citizen journalists” out there, that yes, you can make a difference.  It only takes one person to start it.  As one person told me, “You probably saved lives today.” I first met Joe Biggs last Saturday and he has inspired me to get out there and do more.  I know I have the ability and the strength to do it.  I don’t have great video/audio equipment except for my iPhone, but that’s all I need I figure.  I plan on attending the funeral services for Lance Corporal Skip Wells over in Woodstock Georgia tomorrow afternoon and “cover” that for Infowars.  Am I trying to get a job with them?  Not really.  Not my intended goal.  Granted I would not refuse if I were offered a position.  That would be a dream come true.  I have no real journalistic training, my writing skill are not great, BUT I do have a passion for Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Truth.  And that my friends, it what the Infowar is all about.  If you do not follow, or have never been to or listened to the Alex Jones radio show, I HIGHLY encourage it.  No bs, just facts.  The truth the mainstream media will not talk about.

Thanks for reading.  Please click to become a follower of my blog and/or my Twitter account.  I DO NOT use Facebook….evil company.


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2 Responses to My story, Tampa Area Recruitment Centers Ordered to Leave their Offices

  1. madcat says:

    Perhaps it would be worth while to do some reading up on the ‘how to’s’ of REAL journalism…..the kind of journalism they do at Infowars. The truth…. here’s our story with the facts of that story.. nothing more. the stories you won;t get anywhere else because mainstream and cable ‘news’ outlets don;t actually give you the facts of the stories they present. With them, you get a little piece of the story along with some ‘selected’ facts and a bunch of opinion on it from more talking heads. . With infowars you get the TRUTH.. they go above and beyond.These guys get out there and find what is going on in ‘Realville’.. and it’s scary as* shi*. The truth is very addctive.despite the fact that it scares me to death. You’re correct in stating that ‘one person can make a difference’ in this fight for the truth and for justice and liberty and in defending this country. Too many people no longer understand ‘the power of one’,.. brainwashed into thinking they can’t make a difference… If everyone would just do what they can…. it may seem very insignificant but you kinda gotta think of yourself as being a part of an intricate watch….. take one little piece out of that watch and it won’t work…… I woke up out of my own pure curiosity about HAARP… which just led to more and more and more….. knowledge is addictive. Too many people walk around content in their ignorance….and this is how they stay until something happens that directly impacts their life..then they want ‘someone’ to do something about it…..never realizing their own power to make a difference. Then there are people like ‘me’…… obviously not very susceptible to being brainwashed for some reason or another…… I’ve been exposed to and ingested just as much crap as everyone else…. yet it hasn’t managed to succeed in sedating my desire for the truth and for knowledge.

    You just keep your eyes open for the truth and seek to expose it when you have the opportunity to do so. It shouldn’t take long before another opportunity presents itself….this crap is happening all too often….. is it the ‘new normal’? I shudder to think this is the case. How bad does it all have to get ? Thank God for Alex Jones and the Infowars team…. steady as she goes….steady as she goes….. be safe.


  2. Kyndr says:

    Well done. Seeing that most Journalists do not cover real news anymore, it becomes the duty of everyday citizens to take up the baton. We need more patriots like yourself to pick up the baton in the hopes of staving off destruction. Again well done


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