Confederate Flag Rally at Stone Mountian Park

Today I will be attending a Confederate flag rally being held at Stone Mountian in Georgia.

The rally is being held by several local communities and groups. They have called for non-violence, no profanity, no alcohol and peace.  The hope is that it stays that way.  The park is aware of the rally and have stepped up security for the day, so hopefully the event will go as planned.

This comes after weeks of calls for the confederate to be pulled from the South Carolina capital building, being pulled from retailers like Walmart etc and just an overall call for the flag to not be displayed at all.  Calls at the flag is racist and the like.

I will say this, I am not from Georgia, but I do live here.  I didn’t “get” the amount of confederate flags that I saw when I moved here 15 years ago.  My general thought was, you lost the war, get over it already. After being here for years, I have come to learn the reasons for the continued showing of the flag.  To most people I have talked to over the years, it stands for southern heritage.  Nothing more, nothing less.  To accuse the flag as representing racism is just not true from my experience.  So to hear people calling the flag that, calling for it to come down, is hard for me to understand.

I am not for the flag per say, but I am for the freedom of Americans to express their ideas in a way that fits them.  We still have a 1st Amendment right to express our opinion, just as others have their right to disagree with that opinion.  But to call all people who display the flag a racist and a criminal is over the line.  It is not a criminal act, just as it isn’t a crime to speak about disagreeing with the government (well at least not yet) or with your neighbor about not cutting their grass as often as you’d like etc.

I will be posting updates on my Twitter page throughout the day (@jeffhanson9) and I will also make a first time attempt to live stream on UStream, (Libertywarrior9) so we will how that goes.


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