Confederate Flag Rally at Stone Mountain brings out strong opinions from both sides

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend and cover a Confederate Flag Rally at Stone Mountian Park here in Georgia.  The group who organized it was calling for non-violence and a peaceful event.  I have to say, it mostly turned out that way.  There were a few bad apples who were trying to be a provocateur, but mostly it was held back due to in part a large police presence.

The event started around 10:00 am, but I didn’t arrive until about 12:30 pm.  I didn’t know what time it started until that morning.  I wish I would have gotten there sooner, as it seemed like I missed a lot of the more intense activity.  As I was walking up to the event, one passerby commented to me that it was crazy up there. She began to explain to me how there were people dragging the Confederate Flag through the mud, slicing it into pieces, and even an attempt to burn it.

As I first walked up, I noticed immedeatly a large crowd gathered in the middle with some loud voices and some pushing an shoving.  I’ll show that video here:

That was about the worst part that I witnessed, and I guess that’s a good thing.

Shorly after, William Flowers from the League of the South ( spoke about his group, and what they stood for   It was a very well received speech and he brings up some very good points.  They stand for the rights of the southern people and are fighting to maintain their heritage, and their values.  He also has his own website that you can check out more information.

( Here is that video:

Most at of the rally then took the hike up to the top of the mountain for a prayer session.  According to other reports, there was more tension between the 2 sides up there. While the majority of the group was away, I was able to get some time to speak with Mr. Flowers, along with my wife.  That video will be included with the entire video at the end.

All in all, it was a mostly peaceful event from what I witnessed.  The majority of the attendees felt like the south, the southern people, their heritage and their way of life is up under attack, and not just the flag.  To them, the flag stands for that, and not standing for slavery.  Just about everyone has an opinion on this, and I will leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves.  I’m not trying to persuade anyone in either direction.  I am not a southerner, but I do live in Georgia.  I respect their opinion to express themselves how they see fit.  If they choose to display their flag, I support that under the 1st Amendment.  I also support the anti-flag people to express their opinion, but here’s the point in all of this.

If we took away everything that someone is offended by, what will we have left?  Not much is the answer.  It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 in which they were trying to re-write history.  We cannot just stop talking about bad history, and only focus on the good history.  Those who don’t learn history, are doomed to repeat it.  I see too much of our society going in that direction.  Bit by bit, they scrape it away, and before we know it, all of our freedoms and liberties will be taken away until we have nothing left.

I encourage everyone to express their 1st Amendment rights to speak out, but calling for everything to be taken away simply because a few are offended by it is not the answer.  Does someone displaying the Confederate flag hurt you.  Does it take away your freedom?  How does it really effect you?  If it’s just that your feelings are hurt, that’s not a good enough reason.  There are many things I don’t agree with, or don’t like, but I CHOOSE not to be around them.  And if I have to, I CHOOSE not to let it effect me.

Here is the full clip:

Thank you for reading.

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3 Responses to Confederate Flag Rally at Stone Mountain brings out strong opinions from both sides

  1. madcat says:

    You can’t erase history………So for anyone endeavoring to remove all signs of it is just another demonstration of doing everything they can to dumb down the population and keep striving to make young and future generations ignorant concerning the ‘mistakes’ of the past. People fail to look at America as a young ‘child’…. AMERICA is young in comparison to other countries.. ‘children’ make mistakes. To become ignorant of past errors disallows for ‘learning’ to take place.

    And the ignorant sheeple walking the face of this EXCEPTIONAL NATION (cuz YES WE ARE!) who think it is a good idea to remove the sometimes painful reminders of our past history and of our mistakes ..the scars of our great nation,if you will, well I ask them..’WHERE DOES IT STOP?’ If one is only going to go after ‘selective’ monuments, objects and symbols.’whom’ of us humans is considered elite enough to make those decisions? What makes one individuals opinion about any given symbol,monument or object that represents ‘history’ of more significance than anothers? One could then argue that Washington DC itself should be leveled almost in it’s entirety. To even suggest such is a CRAZY idea .yet I perceive it to be no crazier than the calls to remove any other symbols,monuments, statue etc… in representation of our past .Think about it.

    The argument that AMERICA has been ‘wrong’ in her ‘exceptionalism’ is a narrative that should kake the people who belong to this great nation take much pause. It is nothing more than a good versus evil type scenario. AMERICA MUST fight to maintain her exceptionalism because SHE IS GOOD! There is no other place on earth that is anything like her . AMERICA is a force of GOOD. She is not perfect but no other country on the face of this globe compares to her. Why else is it that people from all other parts of the globe seek refuge within her? Why do people from other parts of the globe risk their lives and give up everything they have known to find shelter within her borders?

    The lack of people’s ability to even make an attempt at ‘critical thinking’ makes my head explode. ‘Common sense’. There is nothing ‘common’ about it.. I perceive it to be in danger of becoming extinct.


  2. Mstr Rick says:

    What a pussy. Look, if your too timid to take a stand, have an opinion, or defend your identity, go home and lock the door. Some other White men will take care of this for you. Cuckoid.

    Cuckservative: n. A White conservative who is race-cucking his own people by being too cowardly to stand up for his own race and by promoting policies detrimental to Whites. “After all, I’m just trying to be fair”. Fag!


    • Those comments, I assume were directed towards me? This was not an opinion peice or an editorial. I was not reporting during this article on my opinion and clearly stated that. Very different type of journalism. If you want that kind of peice, I have done those, just not in this arrival. Read my others, I think you will se where I stand.


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