Planned Parenthood Protest

This morning I attended a Planned Parenthood protest in Larenceville Georgia. This was a planned event nationwide from 9 am to 11 am. 

Upon driving up to the scene, I noticed several people standing along both sides of the road in front of the PP facility. I was able to find a place to park right away and made my way out to the street. My fist impression was a surprise of how many people were out there.  Then again, with the release of all of the videos recently and the uptick in coverage, I suppose it is to be expected. I have never attended an even like this, so I don’t know if this was a normal turnout or higher than normal. 

I did not witness any people on the opposing side. I did not witness any arguements among anyone and there was no police presence. 

No matter which side of the arguement you may be on, I respect, based on our 1st Amendment, for the people to peacefully protest. And that is exactly what this was. 

Check out my video below and comment as you see fit. 

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1 Response to Planned Parenthood Protest

  1. Kyndr says:

    Thanks for the report, it’s good to see people showing up to fight this evil. Can’t wait till this gets repeated everywhere. Solid work brother.


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