Oregon shooter talks about his plans in chat room and posted videos?

I was sent some information from a friend with potential information from the suspected Oregon shooter talking about his plans for his attack at the school today.  Of course we don’t know for sure if this is him, but it sure seems to lead in that direction.

First, here is a chat room conversation from Wednesday night where and anonymous person was warning people not to go to school if they live in the northwest. Talks about shooting students etc.  


Secondly, here is a video posted by the suspected shooter saying how he has had enough. “I’ve had about all that I can take fro R9K”. 

From that link:  

Media sources state that the Oregon State Shooter had left messages on the 4Chan website, in which he stated that he would carry out his shooting. His channel on 4Chan seems to be R9K, and the threads on that channel discuss the upcoming shooting. In relation to that, this man seen in the video is discussing R9K, and the fact that he is tired of being mocked by the 4Chan community. His YouTube Channel is starting to get spammed with comments about the shooting. It is not confirmed at this time if this is the actual shooter, but chances are, it is.


From another posting:

BREAKING: Is This the Oregon Shooter? 4chan Forum Says his Name is Toby Reynolds.

Anonymous 4chan users who earlier exposed a forum discussion where they say the Oregon campus shooter allegedly warned what he planned to do are now saying they know who he is. The group is spreading the user’s name and image on social media.
They allege his name is Toby Reynolds and associate him with the picture above. The user used screen name “eggman” in the forum.

– See more at: http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=5e6_1443739307#sthash.jHy5WEB6.dpuf
It sure seems like this is they guy, but I’m sure we will know more in the hours and days ahead.  My guess is that he was on some sort of SSRI drug, and either wasn’t given the proper dosage, wasn’t being monitored correctly during his “treatment” or just decided to stop taking them on his own.  Again, im sure that info will come out eventually.

Stay tuned for more info on this as we here more.

No More Gun Free Zones.

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